August 14, 2011

Dog Bed from an End Table - Leopard Print

Just finished another dog bed, made from an end table
You can see the others I've made HEREHERE, and HERE

I started with this...

Cut the legs down, added pieces and parts and came up with this...

...then started painting!
I started with a light caramel color base coat and added 
a little darker glaze on top of that before I painted the leopard spots.... process

added wooden finials for the feet...

Painted the back too...

More finials on the leg posts and lots of animal print, dots and stripes...

The headboard piece was the seat from a wooden barstool
I painted a big paw print on that...

I found a cushion to fit with animal print on one side and plain black on the other...

I painted gold dots on the black side...
I talk more about how I paint on fabric on THIS POST

And of course I painted the inside too...
Can't be having naked areas...this is not that kind of site

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  1. Lucy! This bed is DARLING! I ADORE IT! You make doing leopard prints so easy, not sure why I freak when I have to do it?? My daughter would love this dog for her bed! Hahaha! I just reread that and I'm not even going to change it cause its hysterical-and I'm not even drunk!

  2. I can't say the best one yet, cause they are all so special. So perfect for the little dog. Mom

  3. Wow this is amazing. I would love for you to come link up with the frog!
    The link with the most clicks get free advertising for a week.

  4. Thanks for the link up. You can see yourself on today's Motivated Monday.

  5. Your dog beds are adorable!
    Just found your blog through Tara's Wish post;glad I found you.

  6. Saw someone on FB was asking if you had any dog beds and you led them to this. Makes me wish I had a dog! I just love these. Is it ok if I feature them as a repurpose at BVC?


  7. When my GF pinned this cute dog bed on Pinterest, I said "Oh, I saw something just like this when I was on vacation in Destin" (thinking it odd they looked soooo similar)....only to find out I saw the real thing!!! These little doggie beds are absolutely gorgeous!!! You are so talented! My niece's condo (which I deocrated) is at Beach Retreat...not far from Smith's Antiques, one of my very favorite places to shop in Destin. I'll be visiting your booth when we vacation there the first two weeks of July. Now I'm anxiously awaiting to see your new things!!!

  8. BTW I make adorable little doggie outfits/harnesses so I am always extra excited to find special things for little dogs or Yorkies like my Natalee...look me up on Pinterest under Natalees Closet!

  9. WOW! I love it! What a Beautiful bed! Thanks for sharing

  10. What a beautiful bed indeed. I like the idea of dressing it with a leopard skin (cloth). It's very unique and compelling.

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  12. Where do you get your finials? They are all so unique! I am also looking for something to lift up the bottom, do you suggest finials for this as well? Do you have any other ideas of items you could use? Thanks!


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