September 13, 2011

Straw Hat Wall Art, Dimensional Hat Sculpture DIY

straw hat sculpture
I was commissioned to create a piece of wall art that looks like a straw beach hat. 

creating sculpture wall art in hat shape
I started by cutting a circle shape out of plywood with the jigsaw.
I wasn't too careful about it being perfect.
I used an inexpensive bamboo type bowl for the hat area and attached it using 
hot glue as well as small screws along the edges.

creating texture with joint compound products
I used Flexall and slathered it over the whole piece.
Update... I used a product called Flexall at the time of this post but it has been 
discontinued. I would recommend Dap Presto Patch as a subsitute.
It's basically like joint compound but a little stronger. 

diy paint pattern tool
To give it a woven straw texture, I used a rubber squeegee that I notched out with
a box cutter and drug it through the wet Flexall.
. I've used this squeegee before for other projects like the
Easter Egg Door Hanger. I used my fingers to make the ribbon design.

yellow straw hat sculpture
After it was dry, I lightly sanded and sprayed with spray primer and yellow spray paint.

paint wash to bring out texture
To bring out all the texture I had created, I brushed on watered down brown paint
 and quickly wiped away the excess.

straw hat with pink ribbon sculpture
I painted over the ribbon area with pink paint and while polka dots and added
a hanger to the back.

dimensional straw hat sculpture DIY
side view...

dimensional straw hat sculpture decor
I hung it on the armoire to give you an idea of the size
it's big...about 2 ft in diameter

hat sculpture
Looks like a straw hat just sitting there huh?

dimensional straw hat sculpture art decor
Thanks for checking out my faux straw!
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September 11, 2011

Hand Painted Wooden Christmas Ornaments for Pet Shop with Paw Prints, Animal Print, Dots and Stripes

Click any photo twice for a closer look
I was recently commissioned to paint 
three dozen Christmas ornaments 
for The Posh Pupa pet store in Tulsa Oklahoma.

There's actually a fun story behind it..
The owner of The Posh Pup was vacationing in Destin, where I live, and visited Smith's Antiques
 which is where I currently sell my painted pieces.
She saw a couple of the painted dog beds I've been making, 
(You can see those HereHere, and Here.) and really liked them.

When she got home from vacation she was Googling dog items 
for her shop... saw photos of my dog beds that she had seen in Smith's...
clicked over to my blog... then to my Facebook Page... 
and sent me a message from there.
Isn't that cool?
I guess we can never underestimate the power of all of our wonderful social media tools huh? :)

We emailed back and forth and she decided on 
fun and funky painted ornaments with a design
 on one side and paw print on the other....

I started with precut 3" wood circles, drilled a hole for the hanger, 
sprayed with primer and then started with the fun stuff...

I painted little ornaments....

Little gift boxes and zebra prints....

colorful packages...

whimiscal trees...

dots and paw prints in all different color combos...

more zebra and paws....

more ornaments....

swirls and plaids...

and of course you have to throw in a little animal print too....

I used a gold paint pen on the edges to finish them off.

I hung them on this little tree with plain hangars just to get pics.  
She will be using ribbon and swirly hangers to hang them.

Thanks to Gail at The Posh Pup!

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September 6, 2011

Fish on a Door

Click on any photo twice for a closer look

If you follow Lucy Designs Facebook Page, you've probably already seen this
and if not....what????  Come on over :)

This started as a wooden door that I've had for a while and I really don't remember where it came from. 
 It had some damage on the edge that needed to be cut off,
 so I figured I would give it some curves at the same time.

Started with a background of aquas brushed on randomly....

Blocked in the fish...

Then started adding the favorite part

His fishy face...

Fish Body...

Added dots on the inside of the frame...

Distressed yellow-gold stripes...

and big dots on the outside of the frame as well.

....and he was complete!

He's big...about 2 ft x 4 ft
He's going to my space at Smith's Antiques and Interiors in Miramar Beach

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