Faux Straw Hat Wall Art

I was commissioned to create a piece of wall art 
that looks like a straw beach hat 

I cut a circle shape out of plywood with the jigsaw
and used one of those wood bowls that you see all the time at thrift stores.

I glued the bowl with hot glue and drilled tiny pilot holes and used small screws to secure it as well.

I got out the bucket of magic, Flexall.
This is a type of joint compound but has polymers in it so it is stronger.

It's great for creating texture and dimension and I use it a lot.
Click the Flexall tag under categories to see more ways I've used it 

I slathered on the Flexall 

I used this texturing tool that I made from a squeegee to give it the straw look,
then used my fingers to "draw in" the ribbon

Sprayed it with primer and yellow spray paint...

I added thinned brown paint and wiped off excess...

and painted a pink polka dot ribbon

added a hanger and it's ready to go

side view...

I hung it on the armoire to give you an idea of the size
it's big...about 2 ft in diameter

Looks like a straw hat just sitting there huh?

Thanks for checking out my faux straw!

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  1. Very cute ~ girl you are sooo talented!!

  2. Well I thought I had seen all of your creative talent, but this is absolutely the best(I think) I love all you do. Doggie ornaments adorable. Love you, Mom

  3. Totally awesome Lucy!!!

    I love it, BUT I'm just curious, why didn't the client just use a straw hat?? (sorry just had to ask, lol)

    I totally love the way you created the ribbon, that was cool ;)

    Hugs, Bella

  4. oh,, that sounds like some fun stuff to play with. I love the hat,, it looks real. Very creative.


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