October 31, 2011

Cat Face Pumpkin, Quick and Easy Carving with Rotozip Power Tool

cat face carved pumpkin
Kitty Pumpkin
I've used the Rotozip on foam pumpkins too, so easy!
I decided to use it again this year but on a real pumpkin.

rotozip spiral saw pumpkin carving
The Rotozip is a spiral saw power tool and I like it 
for detailed cutting in wood like scrolled wing dragonflies or, 
in this case, pumpkins!

cut a hole in bottom of pumpkin
The last few years I've been cutting a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin 
instead of making the little lid and then I place the carved pumpkin over a candle.
So much easier!

cat face pumpkin
After cutting the hole from the bottom and cleaning out the inside,
I drew a quick freehand design of a kitty face and started cutting.

kitty face carved pumpkin using rotozip tool
I used a silver sharpie to draw the face on the pumpkin
that's what those silver marks are you see on the face.

cat face pumpkin design
Place over a candle or you could create a solar pumpkin.

carve a pumpkin with power tools
It only took about 20 minutes start 
to finish, including the cleaning part

kitty cat carved pumpkin face using rotozip tool
Happy Halloween!
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October 25, 2011

Table Leg Dragonflies Mixed Media with Picture Molding wings, Recycled art frame pieces

using picture molding mixed media art dragonfly
I just finished a new batch of my table leg dragonflies
this time with a different spin on the wings.
I love working with decorative molding.
I've made a large butterfly using molding pieces as well.
Update as of April 2016, I'm no longer creating the dragonflies,
thank you for all your past orders. 
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in coastal and nature themes and coastal ornaments.

art using picture molding framing
I was gifted with beautiful corner picture molding sample pieces and 
I thought they would make great wings for my table leg dragonflies.

wooden table legs and spindles for dragonfly art
I started with spindles and table legs.

back view table leg dragonfly using decorative molding
Adding this beautiful molding was a little tricky.
I cut a wing shape from plywood, glued the molding pieces to that, 
then screwed the entire wing piece into the table leg "body".

I like to add the hanging hooks off center so the dragonfly 
will be at an angle when hanging on the wall

making dragonflies with picture molding scraps
This is a "before" shot of a few...
I planned on using most of the existing finishes on the
molding since they are all so pretty

finial tails for dragonfly bodies, fan blade dragonflies
I added finial pieces on the ends of some of the dragonflies

table leg dragonfly mixed media molding
I made a variety of sizes...

things to make with picture molding scraps dragonfly art
...and colors

table leg dragonfly with picture molding wings
For most, I did try to use the existing molding colors 

table leg dragonfly with decorative molding wings

picture molding corner pieces art
isn't that molding cool?

picture molding dragonfly
green and gold...

picture molding wings on table leg dragonfly
...neutral with metallics....

mixed media art with decorative molding

picture molding dragonfly
I love the red one!

metal eyes on dragonfly
I used random metal doodads for the eyes...

wire for whimsical oversized antenna
Swirled wire for the whimsical antenna.
Please don't email me to tell me dragonflies don't have antenna! lol
These are whimsical art creations :)

picture frame molding art
Have I mentioned how awesome all this molding is?...

picture molding dragonflies
Off to their new homes soon!
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October 21, 2011

Whimsical Serving Tray Hand Painted Tray for Prospero Designworks Tea Set

hand painted serving tray
This is a hand painted tray I finished to match a funky tea set 

hand painted serving tray with ceramic tea pot
How cool is this tea pot?
For the tray, I started with a wooden picture frame and added a wooden insert 
cut from thin plywood where the picture would normally go. 
Sorry, I forgot to take before pics!

colorful ceramic tea set and matching tray
I used the colors and designs in the tea set for my tray inspiration

black and gold stripes on painted tray
Gold and black stripes on the sides...

prospero designworks tea set Studio designworks tea set
Adorable cups and saucers...

diy hand made serving tray floral and whimsical
I had a wooden flower cut out that I repurposed into handles
 and screwed them in from the bottom so they could support the weight 
of the tray and tea set.
I matched the colors on the flower handles to the ones on the cups

prospero designworks tea set Studio designworks tea set
The whole set is by Propero Designworks
 and Studio Designworks...
both the same company that no longer makes these hand painted pieces.

prospero designworks tea set Studio designworks tea set with hand painted tray
Fun and funky

prospero designworks tea set Studio designworks tea set with hand painted tray
Makes you want to have a tea party!

whimsical colorful painted serving tray
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October 20, 2011

Original Art on Recycled Canvas, Hand Painted Octopus and Ocean Coral Acrylic Paintings

red octopus painting and painting of sea coral
I just finished these two paintings...one of an octopus and one of coral
Update May 2017
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I reused new paintings to create them.
I found these canvas paintings at a local store....

Cheap...you can hardly buy canvas for this price much less with a frame.

The frames had some cool detail too
.I decided to paint over the existing paintings and add my own.

red Octopus art acrylic painting

red octopus head detail in painting
I love octopuses
I added metallic gold dots in the background for both paintings

red sea coral original acrylic painting
Coral detail...

hand painted sea coral

octopus and coral painting
 I ended up repainting the frames in a dark brown highlighted with 
metallic gold and they were finished. Sold

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October 3, 2011

Metal Garage Door Makeover Before and After

painted metal garage door bronze makeover
I just completed this garage door for a client.
She wanted the same bronze finish that I used on the door and urns 

garage door before and after paint makeover
The before...
She had recently had it pressure washed so I wiped the whole thing down
with water. You may want to wash your door with soap and water.

painting a metal garage door
I added a warm brown base coat in exterior semigloss paint using a paint roller and brush.

adding a bronze finish to metal garage door
I let the paint dry overnight and came back the next morning.
Working in small sections, I rolled on thinned (with water) exterior black paint 
then immediately wiped off the excess. I say immediately because it was a 
hot day and the paint was drying fast so I had to work quickly.

painted hands!
....the black hand...
I forgot my gloves and didn't want to stop and go back home to get them.😝

garage door makeover before and after
After the black wash was dry, which didn't take long in my case. 
After I had finished adding the black, I was able to start on the next step
starting where I had started the black because it was completely dry.

Working in sections, I dry brushed Martha Stewart Metallic Bronze over the black. 
To "dry brush", dip the tip of your brush in the paint and wipe off all the excess leaving only the tiniest bit of paint on the brush and use a light hand to apply. 
You will get in the groove and see what works and can add more or less to your liking.

I was working on the door after the sun wasn't shining on it directly but the metal was
still warm from the sun so all my coats of paint dried super quickly.
In the case of the metallic dry brushing, it was instantaneous, so start light, 
you can always add more.

After the metallic coat, I dry brushed a little more of the black paint over the entire door
to help highlight the texture in the door.

metal garage door makeover
Hard to capture, the color but it looks sooo good in person!

garage door before and after
Painted garage door before and after.

When the door was complete, she had me spruce up up all the outdoor 
light fixtures. I used the same paints and process for all the lights. 

outdoor light fixture makeover
These are on either side of the garage

outdoor light fixture makeover
And these are on either side of the front door.
And now I will go take my legs that have been up and down ladders for the past three days
 and soak them, massage them, and rest them! lol
Thanks so much for checking out my garage door makeover!

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