Door Makeover

Just completed this door makeover for a client

This is a chandelier in her dining room and she wanted a similar finish's kind of a bronzey color

How they started...


And after...
I painted the inside of the doors as well with the same finish
It was hard to get a good pic of them from inside,
 too much of a glare but they look just like this haha

She loved them :)

I also did the 2 urns that you see at the door as well....

Before on the left, after on the right
The client has some amazing topiaries she will be putting in them

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  1. It's beautiful, what an amazing transformation to that door...

  2. You are so talented. Beautiful garage door.

  3. The images are amazing and wonderful, good stuffinterior door designs

  4. I love the new finish on your door. The darker varnish gives a classier, sort of vintage look.


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