Metal Garage Door Makeover Before and After

painted metal garage door bronze makeover
I just completed this garage door for a client.
She wanted the same bronze finish that I used on the door and urns 

garage door before and after paint makeover
The before...
She had recently had it pressure washed so I just wiped the 
whole thing down with water. You may want to wash your door with
soap and water.

painting a metal garage door
I added a warm brown base coat in exterior semigloss paint using a paint roller and brush....

adding a bronze finish to metal garage door
Working in sections, I rolled on thinned (with water) exterior black paint 
then immediately wiped off the excess. 

painted hands!
....the black hand...
I forgot my gloves and didn't want to stop and go back home to get them.

garage door makeover before and after
Again, working in sections, I dry brushed a coat of Martha Stewart Metallic Bronze over the black. 
To "dry brush", dip the tip of your brush in the paint and wipe off all the excess leaving only the tiniest bit of paint on the brush and use a light hand to apply. 
You will get in the groove and see what works and can add more or less to your liking.

I was working on the door after the sun wasn't shining on it directly but the metal was
still warm from the sun so all my coats of paint dried super quickly.
In the case of the metallic dry brushing, it was instantaneous, so start light, 
you can always add more.

After the metallic coat, I dry brushed a little more of the black over the entire door, just to 
bring out the texture in the door.

metal garage door makeover hard to capture the color but it looks sooo good in person

garage door before and after

She also had me spruce up up all the outdoor light fixtures.

Even though I was using the same colors and technique, 
all the pieces look a little different just because of the texture differences

outdoor light fixture makeover
These are on either side of the garage

outdoor light fixture makeover
And these are on either side of the front door

outdoor light fixtures and front door makeover
And now I will go take my legs that have been up and down 
ladders for the past three days and soak them,
massage them,
and rest them! lol

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Thanks so much for checking out my garage door makeover!


  1. Nice work! Need you over here in Sweden!

  2. so pretty,, you have been very busy, I bet you are worn out.

  3. They look great. You put a lot of work (and layers) into these doors but they do look fantastic!


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