Hand Painted Tray and Tea Set

This is a hand painted tray I finished to match a funky tea set 

How cool is this tea pot?

For the tray, I started with a wooden picture frame
 I had and added a wooden insert where
the picture would normally go...

I seem to have deleted all of the before pics :(

I used the colors and designs in the tea set for my tray inspiration

Gold and black stripes on the sides...

Adorable cups and saucers...

I had a wooden flower cut out that I made into handles
 and screwed them in from the bottom
 so they could support the weight 
of the tray and tea set.

I matched the colors on the flower handles to the ones on the cups

The whole set is by Propero Designworks
 and Studio Designworks...
both the same company that no longer makes these hand painted pieces...

Fun and funky

Makes you want to have a tea party

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  1. Cute set - you did a great job mimicking the pattern onto the tray!


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