Original Art on Recycled Canvas, Hand Painted Octopus and Ocean Coral Acrylic Paintings

octopus painting and painting of sea coral
I just finished these two paintings...one of an octopus and one of coral

I found these canvas paintings at a local store....

Cheap...you can hardly buy canvas for this price much less with a frame...

The frames had some cool detail too
I decided to paint over the existing paintings and add my own.

Red Octopus acrylic painting on canvas

red octopus head detail in painting
I love octopuses

sea coral painting on turquoise background with metallic dots
I added metallic gold dots in the background for both paintings

red sea coral original acrylic painting
Coral detail...

sea or ocean coral painting detail

octopus and coral painting
 I ended up repainting the frames in a dark brown highlighted with 
metallic gold and they were done.
These are sold.

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