October 31, 2011

Cat Face Pumpkin, Quick and Easy Carving with Rotozip Power Tool

cat face carved pumpkin
Kitty Pumpkin
I've used the Rotozip on foam pumpkins too, so easy!
I decided to use it again this year but on a real pumpkin.

rotozip spiral saw pumpkin carving
The Rotozip is a spiral saw power tool and I like it 
for detailed cutting in wood like scrolled wing dragonflies or, 
in this case, pumpkins!

cut a hole in bottom of pumpkin
The last few years I've been cutting a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin 
instead of making the little lid and then I place the carved pumpkin over a candle.
So much easier!

cat face pumpkin
After cutting the hole from the bottom and cleaning out the inside,
I drew a quick freehand design of a kitty face and started cutting.

kitty face carved pumpkin using rotozip tool
I used a silver sharpie to draw the face on the pumpkin
that's what those silver marks are you see on the face.

cat face pumpkin design
Place over a candle or you could create a solar pumpkin.

carve a pumpkin with power tools
It only took about 20 minutes start 
to finish, including the cleaning part

kitty cat carved pumpkin face using rotozip tool
Happy Halloween!
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  1. I guess you have to have really steady hands for this task. Otherwise, you'll just end up with a pile of vegetable mush.

  2. Pretty good pumpkin cat design. That's one way to use power tools I guess.


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