October 25, 2011

Table Leg Dragonflies Mixed Media with Picture Molding wings, Recycled art frame pieces

using picture molding mixed media art dragonfly
I just finished a new batch of my table leg dragonflies
this time with a different spin on the wings.
I love working with decorative molding.
I've made a large butterfly using molding pieces as well.
Update as of April 2016, I'm no longer creating the dragonflies,
thank you for all your past orders. 
Please visit my new online store featuring my mosaic art 
in coastal and nature themes and coastal ornaments.

art using picture molding framing
I was gifted with beautiful corner picture molding sample pieces and 
I thought they would make great wings for my table leg dragonflies.

wooden table legs and spindles for dragonfly art
I started with spindles and table legs.

back view table leg dragonfly using decorative molding
Adding this beautiful molding was a little tricky.
I cut a wing shape from plywood, glued the molding pieces to that, 
then screwed the entire wing piece into the table leg "body".

I like to add the hanging hooks off center so the dragonfly 
will be at an angle when hanging on the wall

making dragonflies with picture molding scraps
This is a "before" shot of a few...
I planned on using most of the existing finishes on the
molding since they are all so pretty

finial tails for dragonfly bodies, fan blade dragonflies
I added finial pieces on the ends of some of the dragonflies

table leg dragonfly mixed media molding
I made a variety of sizes...

things to make with picture molding scraps dragonfly art
...and colors

table leg dragonfly with picture molding wings
For most, I did try to use the existing molding colors 

table leg dragonfly with decorative molding wings

picture molding corner pieces art
isn't that molding cool?

picture molding dragonfly
green and gold...

picture molding wings on table leg dragonfly
...neutral with metallics....

mixed media art with decorative molding

picture molding dragonfly
I love the red one!

metal eyes on dragonfly
I used random metal doodads for the eyes...

wire for whimsical oversized antenna
Swirled wire for the whimsical antenna.
Please don't email me to tell me dragonflies don't have antenna! lol
These are whimsical art creations :)

picture frame molding art
Have I mentioned how awesome all this molding is?...

picture molding dragonflies
Off to their new homes soon!
Visit my new store  featuring my mosaic art or find me on 


  1. LOVE the new wings! :)Very creative!

  2. Those are incredible. love the wings and colours.

  3. Those are just amazing! You are so talented and clever!!

  4. I just love this dragon fly. So creative.

  5. These dragon flies are outstanding. A great way to use that beautiful molding. Love you, Mom

  6. I just love these picture frame moulding projects that you do. These dragonflies are fantastic! I've included this project on this week's link party features. :)

  7. great idea ! :)Very creative!

  8. Very nice & so creative!


I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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