Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments Animal Print, Checks, Dots and Swirls

They are big ornaments! MUCH bigger than the ornaments I recently painted
for a Pet Shop, but still fun and funky

Here they are primed.
I found them at a designer closeout sale and they were painted in a matte gold.
They are thick, hard plastic and about 12 inches long.
They were also missing the hanger piece when I found them.

I added a wooden knob and screw eye to replace the hanger.
Here they are in process... 
avert your eyes from my messy looking work space.

Then the fun began painting all the different 
patterns and designs....

The lovely and talented Mary over at 
how I get my checks so straight...?
Well...If you look closely, you will see that 
they are not perfect by any means.
I don't draw it out before but just go for it and 
somehow the overall effect looks straight-ish  haha

Stripes, dots and swirls...
I paint most of my dots with my fingertip

Gotta have animal print in there too....

More checks...


There are 11 ornaments...

...all different combos

all Sold

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