Painted Love Bird Tray

I had a lady contact me to create a special Christmas gift for her sweetheart...

I only took pics with my phone
AND I forgot to take good "after" pics before I sent it off
but wanted to share it with you anyway

She wanted me to create a painted wooden serving tray...

She said she brings her husband breakfast in bed every morning
and she wanted a special tray for their daily ritual.....
how sweet and romantic is that?

This couple loves the lovebird motif 
and she wanted to incorporate them in the design.
She also gave me a color palette to use...

She asked me to include these words on the tray...
"Good Morning Honey, guess what we get to do today?"

The answer being...we get to be together :)

I painted the bottom too...

....added dots and stripes to the sides

Sweet love birds....

It was so much fun creating something so unique and meaningful for this couple

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