Dragonflies...Recent Orders

More Dragonflies made for recent orders...
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Set of 2 dragonflies for an order

How they started...

She requested one with scrolled wings...

And another with painted wings...

She wanted browns, tans and a touch of blue.

She had me ship them directly to her friend for a 
birthday gift...yes! I can do that!

Another order for a single dragonfly
with painted wings in browns, cream and rust...

Painted wing detail...taken with phone...sorry,
not such a great pic

I added a little finial at the bottom too

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  1. These are really unique. I am curious as to how most people display them. Are they more suitable outdoors or do you find people using them in an indoor display? Hanging or leaning? I just need a little help visualizing how to use such a piece.

  2. I love these. A local lady has been making them to sell at our local farmers market. But, she cuts her wings out of wood. She didn't like working with the fan blades. I on the other hand have no idea what I'm doing, so I found 4 fan blades across the street from my house at our senior center rummage sale. And, I had an extra spindle from having my steps redone last year. Then I found 4 more spindles at the same rummage sale. It was $3.00 a bag day, so I don't think I've spent 50 cents on them. I had my grandson who is 4 help me paint the wings this past weekend. I have found some cool old door knobs and hinges, and what nots out in my garage. My house is at least 100 yrs old and every time I clean the garage I find another treasure that I didn't know that was tucked out there. Thanks so much for sharing your precious art work.

  3. cruisegirl60, they can be hung indoors or out as an accent in a garden or room in the home.

  4. katheke, love those finds, that's great! Yes, if you look at any of my newer dragonflies, I pretty much always cut them out of wood now. Thanks for the comment!


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