DIY Painted leopard shoes, hand painted Leopard "Toms"

Are you familiar with Toms shoes?
They are a great company with a great mission.
A friend asked me to do a knockoff version of the Leopard Toms.

It involved 2 of my favorite things...
 painting AND painting leopard animal print...I'm in!

hand painted leopard print animal print shoes makeover
She provided me with the faux Toms in white...

hand painted shoes
I painted a watered down creamy tan for the base...

hand painted shoes
started the leopard spots in a rusty brown....

diy painted shoes
added the black...

hand painted animal print shoes

leopard painted shoes
and that's it!

hand painted animal print shoes
Before and After

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  1. I'm sure you've heard it before but you are very clever. They're great....B:)

  2. What brand of shoes are those?

  3. hello im interested in having custom tom leopard print..
    if u are interested in helping email


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