February 4, 2012

Easter Door Decor, Hand Painted Egg Shaped Door Hanger DIY

egg shaped door hanger Easter
A little Easter door hanging I just finished for an order.

cutting wooden egg shape
I cut an egg shape out of luan...
It's about 2' tall x 16" wide

I used a spray primer and spray paint for base coat. I 
used painters tape to separate the colors

Easter Door decor
I decided to add a little pattern in the middle, so 
I mixed glaze and paint...

and used one of those rubber pattern maker things (?) to make a design
in the wet glaze/paint. It's super easy to do.

eh...I didn't love it...

Instead, I used my big pattern tool I made a long time ago 
by cutting out notches in a squeegee. I liked the larger
stripes much better.

Easter egg door decoration
I had fun painting it...she asked for blue, yellow and purple

hand painted Easter decor
I used a piece of chalk to lightly draw the name, 
and get the placement right.

I then free hand painted the letters in black.

I drilled holes to add a ribbon for hanging.

Added cute spring ribbon...

Easter egg door decoration
and it's ready for the door!
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  1. Luv it!!! Super cute!! and that's a pretty good bow too!


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