Fun Garden Signs

My Mom asked for a couple of garden signs and 
she sent me these two pics for inspiration of what she wanted

For the "Harvest Thyme" sign, I started with a scrap piece of wood
that I painted and antiqued.

I usually lightly draw my letter placement on with chalk 
then freehand my letters with paint.
When the paint is dry, I wipe off remaining chalk 
with a damp cloth

To funk it up, I used these brick ties that I found at Restore...  

Curled the ends of them, added beads and wire then attached 
onto the sign in small holes I drilled at the bottom.
But the top of the sign looked bare so...

I looked in here...and found this...

A yummy vintage door knob plate that I screwed into the top.

I added a hanging wire and this one was good to go.

For the second sign, I used more scrap lumber and 
attached them together using metal mending plates.

I also spotted these flower knobs and another
wooden flower piece in my stash and thought I would
incorporate them somehow.

Same process with the paint, antiquing and lettering...

I ended up drilling holes to accommodate the
flower knob "stems", then glued into place.

I layered these two flowers and sanded and distressed them.

It was pure luck that the colors were already just fine for this piece!

I added a hanging wire and it was done.

Oh, and I added a few painted vines on there as well.

Hope you enjoyed this quick project!

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