Painted Ceiling Medallions

A client hired me to paint her new ceiling medallions, 
They are about 3 feet in diameter. 
She contacted me to paint them before they were installed...
Yay! neck was happy about that

This was a quick project and I only snapped pics with my phone.

I sprayed with a reddish brown paint for the base.
When that was dry I started applying watered down
black paint to get in all the nooks and crannies....

This is one of them after the black paint had dried

Then I dry brushed with a metallic paint.
In this pic, the bottom one has been brushed with metallic, 
the top one has not

They looked much better than my phone pics are leading you to believe...


Before and After

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  1. Lovely! Will you post a photo of them installed?

  2. Wow, such talent! I enjoyed looking at all of your artwork!

  3. Which metallic paint did you use to brush on there? They look amazing.

    1. I'm pretty sure it was a Martha Stewart metallic glaze from home Depot


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