March 15, 2012

Table Leg Dragonflies DIY Tutorial for Textured Pattern Wings Using Stencils,

textured wing dragonfly
My latest dragonflies that I made with textured wings....

Update as of April 2016, I'm no longer making the dragonflies.
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I used Flexall to make the texture.
It's basically joint compound but it has extra
polymers in it to make it stronger.
I use this product in a lot of different projects like 

2016 Update. Flexall patch has been discontinued. An alternative is 
regular joint compound, ceramic tile adhesive or texture building 
products found at your craft store

how to use joint compound with stencils
I spread the Flexall with a plastic scraper over stencil of your choice.

creating raised textured design with stencils
When you remove the stencil, you are left with a raised pattern.
Let dry thoroughly.

how to tutorial diy creating texture with stencils
After they are dry, sand lightly, prime then paint in your desired color

using brown paint wash to enhance texture
After priming, add your base coat/paint color and let dry. 
If you used flat, matte,eggshell or satin paint for your base coat, you will need to 
brush on a coat of clear satin or gloss polycrylic and let dry before the "antiquing" step.
If you used gloss paint for your base coat, you will be good to go.

If you don't apply the clear sealer, the brown antiquing wash will soak 
into your finish and leave it very dark.

After the base coat and/or clear top coat is dry, brush on watered down brown
acrylic paint and quickly wipe off excess.

use brown paint tutorial to enhance stenciled design
The brown wash leaves paint in the crevices and brings out all
that beautiful detail you created with the stencil.

dimensional design using stencils and joint compound
This step really makes the stencil pattern pop.

creating textured design with stencils
I made another one the same way using a different stencil

recycled metal eyes dragonfly
I used copper plumbing strap for antenna 
and a funky metal piece for the eyes

copper plumbers strap dragonfly antenna
I used metal pieces from drawer pulls for the eyes on the other one

recycled spindle dragonfly body
The bodies have a distressed finish

recycled dragonfly decor using spindles

how to apply texture design with stencil
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March 5, 2012

Hand Painted Dog Bed from an End Table with Hand Painted Cushion

dog bed from an end table
My latest dog bed...from an end table.
You can check out the others I've made by 
clicking on "Dog beds" Categories section
Update as of 2013, I'm no longer making the dog beds.
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and occasional paintings and hand painted items.

turn and end table into a pet bed
I started with this table thinking, oh how cute, look at the lines on this!
I'll cut the legs off and use those for the sides, it'll be easy!...Ha!
Let's just say I won't buy a table like this again
to make a pet bed ;)

dog bed from an end table ideas
Moving on... here it is after it was basically
taken apart then put back together!

whimsical dog bed, designer dog bed
After painting...

hand painted dog bed
Lots of stripes and dots... 

hand painted dog bone whimsical
with visions of dog bones dancing over their head...?

painting on fabric dog bed cushion with painted dog bones
I hand painted my own fabric to make the cushion
See how I paint on fabric.

I have a roll of this...not really sure what it is! It's kind of 
like a smooth muslin, with pinked edges on a roll.
Anyway, I decided to incorporate it into the cushion as well.

striped fabric piping
I took a length of it, painted black stripes then 
edged the cushion with it

hand painted fabric cushion
I love the extra little stripe it adds

hand painted whimsical dog bed
I always paint my dog beds so they look great from any angle.

reversible hand painted cushion for dog bed
The cushion is reversible...
gold metallic dots on this side...

hand painted pet bed
With the doggy bones and cream dots on the other side

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