Stained glass mosaic surfboard waves and whitecaps pattern

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the first step is cutting all of the beautiful stained glass

Client requested the wave pattern one 
that I've made before

I draw it out on the plywood base, then start filling it in

It's a special birthday gift and she requested
the recipients initials at the bottom

here it is before grouting...

after grouting.
It's hard to tell in the pic, but the "white foam" on the 
waves is iridescent tile and it looks so pretty when
it catches the light

the sides are tiled and grouted as well

It has hooks on the back for hanging.
She also had me paint a special message on the back.
I love being able to work with the clients to 
personalize their piece.

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I usually don't keep these surfboards in stock,
they are made to order so you can choose your pattern

thanks for checking them out!

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