Dog Bed from an End Table - Gray and White

Gray and White dog bed with reversible hand painted cushion

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It started as one of those tables with the gold strip on it. 
Let's just say I was determined to make
 it NOT look like that anymore haha

Even after priming and base coat, I could still "see" that plastic gold strip...bleh...

So I removed the frame section...

So I could remove that hideous, no offense if you have this kind of table,  gold section...

Then I glued and screwed the frame piece back in place...
much better!

Recently when I was working on a mosaic surfboard order,
I made a few of these mosaic dog bones while I had all my materials out.
I cut them out of plywood then added the stained glass...these in the 
pic haven't been grouted yet. 

I decided to use the gold one on this bed

Cute little gold feet...

Strange that I worked hard to get rid of that gold strip
and here I am adding gold back into the bed...but I think it looks
great with the gray and white :)

I also added these gold painted wood buttons that are glued AND nailed into place.
Yes, I pre-drilled a tiny hole in each one so I could tap a nail in.

Don't want any babies or doggies thinking those are for snacking

The back...

Without the cushion

I made a cushion to fit then painted with white bones on one side and...

A big gold paw print and white dots on the other side...

I'll be listing this in my Etsy Store

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  1. You are so imaginative & creative! I could have stared at that thing for a week & still just see an 80's style end table! I've been reading your blog like mad since I discovered it a few days ago & I'm starting to view my "junk" as endless possibilities! (Of course my husband is cringing at the thought of teaching me to use power tools & the expense of supplies!) Lol!

  2. Thank you Alex, I appreciate that! Get those power tools out :)

  3. That's a cute dog bed! You are so resourceful and really creative. You should also treat your pet to the dog boarding in Long Island at least once a month so he'll be completely happy.


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