"Sit" Dog Bed with Dog Bones and Checks

New doggy bed order

Customer wanted it similar to this one but with bones instead of the flowers

So bones it is :)

and dots...

and checks...

and letters.

I made the cushion and painted the paw print...

I added a hand painted striped edging like I did on This cushion...

Adorable little finials on the corners...

The back...

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Dragonflies - Stripes, Circles, Zebra, Leopard and Tin Tile Wings

Zebra Dragonfly with Ceiling Fan blade wings

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For those of you that like to make your own dragonflies
I thought I would share my latest ideas with you 

I'm now hung up on animal print since I made the Zebra Butterfly...
Well...I always love animal print.

I used a cobalt blue glass knob on his tail

Fun mismatched blue glass bead eyes

Distressed body

Green leopard print...
Whenever I see green leopard, makes me think of Ballard Designs Catalog 

I used a rusty bell with beads for his tail...

More glass bead eyes...

Fun green striped one in that yummy apple-y green color that I love

I used a lamp part for his eyes...

Then I made a couple in a distressed teal blue...

Circles and....

A stripe

Here's one with wood and pieces of vintage tin tile on the wings

I had some pieces of tile leftover from making the Dragonfly with Tin Tile Wings 
and used them in this one

I ended up drilling small holes in the tile and attaching them to the wings with wire

I normally screw the wings directly into the body but these
spindles were so slim right where I wanted to attach them, I ended
up screwing them to a piece of wood and then into the body

A friend of my Mother's had given me all of these spindles 
that I used in these dragonflies...
It was like Christmas!!

I made her this dragonfly as a thank you :)

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Pink Mosaic Flamingo Garden Art Made from Plastic Pink Dollar Store Flamingo

I should have called this the 
"One Year Dollar Store Mosaic Flamingo Project"... 
it literally took a year to finish it!

I had grabbed a couple of these pink plastic flamingos while at Dollar Tree
one day thinking I would paint them in a crazy design but they got put on a shelf
and I kind of forgot about them. 
When I was working on a Mosaic Surfboard I spotted one of them 
on my shelf and decided to make a mosaic flamingo too.
plastic pink flamingo dollar store
He started out something like this.

I roughed up the surface with sandpaper and used regular tile adhesive to 
attach the pink stained glass tile and set aside to dry.
Since I was making him for myself, he got put on the back burner
and I never applied the grout.

Fast forward to about a year later and I was grouting these mosaic
bones for my dog beds and saw the flamingo in the corner and decided
to finally grout and finish him as well.

He came with black wire legs that stick into the body. When I was 
grouting, I stuck a little nail in the holes so I would know where they were.
They are hard to see in the pic.

Now that it's heaver with the glass and grout, I had to do 
some finagling to get him to stand straight.
If I do another one, I'll reinforce by using thicker wire for the legs.

I used little black beads for the eyes

And there you have it...the One Year Project.

Feels good to cross something off the list!

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Funky Dragonfly

I was posting a pic of this guy on my Facebook page saying he was
going to his new home today and was going to link the blog post to it
and realized I never made one.

So here's a few pics for those that would like 
to know what I used on this one :)

I used a chair leg, painted it distressed black and studded it with 
thumbtacks from the dollar store. 
 I sanded the tacks after they were hammered in to give them a brushed look.

I created a layered paint finish trying to give it the look of an old
worn sign with numbers and letters.

I was going for something similar to the ones I made HERE with
the metal graffiti wings 

I added a vintage swirled handle at the tail...

Vintage wrench for the eyes...

And curled antenna from thick wire...

The back is painted, signed and ready to hang

Thanks for taking a look!

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