May 11, 2012

Dragonflies Recycled table leg dragonflies with Stripes, Circles, Zebra, Leopard and Tin Tile Wings

zebra dragonfly recycled art
Update as of Spring 2016, I'm no longer making the dragonflies.
I sincerely appreciate all the past orders, thank you!
Please visit my new online shop featuring my coastal and 
nature themed mosaics. 
For those of you that like to make your own dragonflies
I thought I would share my latest ideas with you like this
Zebra Dragonfly with Ceiling Fan blade wings.
I'm now hung up on animal print since I made the Zebra Butterfly!
Well...I always love animal print.

glass bead dragonfly eyes
Fun mismatched blue glass bead eyes

table leg dragonfly art
Distressed body

green animal print dragonfly art
Green leopard print...

recycled metal art pieces
I used a rusty bell with beads for his tail...

dragonfly art
More glass bead eyes...

green stripes dragonfly
Fun green striped one in a beautiful apple green color that I love

Lucy Designs dragonfly
I used a lamp part for his eyes...

Lucy Designs dragonflies
Then I made a couple in a distressed teal blue, this one with circles and...

lucy designs dragonfly art
A stripe

lucy designs fan blade dragonflies
Here's one with wood and pieces of vintage tin tile on the wings.
I had pieces of tile leftover from the Dragonfly with Tin Tile Wings 
and used them in this one.

embossed metal wing dragonfly art
I ended up drilling small holes in the tile and attaching them to the wings with wire

lucy designs dragonfly
I normally screw the wings directly into the body but these
spindles were so slim right where I wanted to attach them, I ended
up screwing them to a piece of wood and then into the body

spindle dragonfly art
A friend of my Mother's had given me all of these spindles 
that I used in these dragonflies...
It was like Christmas!!

lucy designs dragonfly art
I made her this dragonfly as a thank you :)
Have a wonderful day!
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I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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