Funky Dragonfly

I was posting a pic of this guy on my Facebook page saying he was
going to his new home today and was going to link the blog post to it
and realized I never made one.

So here's a few pics for those that would like 
to know what I used on this one :)

I used a chair leg, painted it distressed black and studded it with 
thumbtacks from the dollar store. 
 I sanded the tacks after they were hammered in to give them a brushed look.

I created a layered paint finish trying to give it the look of an old
worn sign with numbers and letters.

I was going for something similar to the ones I made HERE with
the metal graffiti wings 

I added a vintage swirled handle at the tail...

Vintage wrench for the eyes...

And curled antenna from thick wire...

The back is painted, signed and ready to hang

Thanks for taking a look!

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