Dremel Carving on Nightstand Table Furniture with Flowers and Vine Design and How I Did It

A little nightstand makeover for a customer...

After seeing painted pieces in my Etsy Shop
she contacted me about creating a painted nightstand. 

I came across this wooden piece that I thought would be great for what she 
was looking for and she agreed, minus the dividers.

Here it is after the dividers were removed and it's been sanded and primed...

She sent me this photo of a metal plaque in her room
that she wanted the new piece to coordinate with, but didn't have 
anything specific in mind.

I thought about doing decorative painting on it, or texture with stencils
and then I thought about carving with the Dremel.

I sent her a few examples past Dremel carved projects and she loved that idea.

This is one project where I used the Dremel to carve swirls in a mirror I made.
I've used it on other mirrors too and...

whimsical carved cheetah, leopard bench seat
I used it on this cute Cheetah Bench that I carved with leopard spots and...

Most recently, I used it to carve spirals on the wings of this dragonfly.

It's really fun and easy to do and you can get really creative.

Back to the nightstand...
I painted a brown-ish basecoat then drew my design on with chalk, 
using her artwork photo for inspiration

Then I started carving.

dremel bit

I use this type of dremel bit in different sizes when carving in wood.
For me, this type/shape of bit is a good general purpose bit and easy to use.

After all parts were carved, I applied a second coat of brown paint

 I brushed dark brown paint over the whole piece
in sections, making sure to get in all the carved recesses
 and wiped off the excess ...


...and this is how it turned out.

This is also where I apologize for my poor quality pics
because it looks so beautiful in person! 
I promise I will get a better camera one day

 I carved both sides...

Other side...


And the top...

I was originally going to leave the inside plain, 
but decided to carve a trailing vine and flowers inside too...

other side...

I finished it off by carving dots all along the edges and the bottom.
I added a couple of coats of polyurethane and it was ready to go.

The background almost looks like leather with that great mottled brown color...
which was one of the colors she liked most out of the original inspiration piece.

Thanks for checking out my carved table.
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