Croquet Mallet Dragonfly

Croquet Mallet Dragonfly...

I saw this set at Restore and immediately thought "dragonfly"...

I cut the wings out of Luan and painted with the same
stripes that are on the handle of the mallet...

For this one, I drilled two holes through the wings and mallet,
inserted a machine screw and attached with a wing nut in the front...

I even used the wickets that came with the set to make the antenna,
I drilled two holes through the "head" of the dragonfly and 
inserted the wire wicket...

I gave them a little curl at the top with pliers 

Thanks for checking out my croquet dragonfly.

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1 comment:

  1. That is hilarious! I absolutely love him! We have been shopping table legs in thrift stores to make some dragonflies and just bought a table and had them take the legs off for us as we were traveling and didn't have room to take the table top. I think the clerk thought we were nuts! :)
    I just showed my husband this and he said I've got some old mallets out in the garage, so guess what we will be doing! I don't think I would have ever thought of them that way---you have a good eye! thanks for the inspiration. we are having fun and will put them on our fence and on our place at the lake. Ronny


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