Dragonfly with Beaded Wire Wings

If you keep up with me on Facebook, you've already 
seen my latest dragonfly with beaded wire wings.

I used to make beaded ones like this long before I first blogged about them.
I would also make them using wire and window screen for the wings 
and embellish with beads.

I don't have an instructional but I made the wings with thick wire,
then filled the insides of the wings with thinner wire and glass beads.

There's no real method to the bead placement,
I just kind of added them as I went along...

Copper wire antenna and metal pieces for the eyes...

He has a pretty turquoise blue body...

and lots of beautiful, colorful beads.

I also added a metal piece at the tail...I believe it is a
washing machine hose clamp.

This style is quite a bit more time consuming to make but 
he turned out great.

Others must have thought so too because he sold about
20 minutes after I listed him in my Online Store.
Guess I better get busy!

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new designs and have lots of other fun pieces too.

Thanks for checking out my glass beaded dragonfly

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