July 5, 2012

Mixed Media Butterfly Art Recycled Art, Funky 5ft Butterfly

giant wooden recycled butterfly
Update as of 2014, I'm no longer creating these giant butterflies.
I sincerely appreciate all the past orders, thank you!
Please visit my new online shop featuring my coastal and 
nature themed mosaics. 
this is another project that has been sitting in my
garage for about a year waiting to get his wings and today was the day.

(I'm sorry you had to see my fence that needs to be pressure washed)

picture frame molding giant butterfly
This wasn't my first oversized piece...
Do you remember this recycled giant butterfly I made?

recycled butterfly art
It's a big one...as in a little over 5ft wide.

plywood wings cut out for giant butterfly
I cut the wings out of plywood...
in hindsight, I would not have used 4 separate wings but...

wooden plywood wings for butterfly art sculpture
Since I did make separate wings, I attached it all together 
on the back with a wood cut out, wood glue and screws

wood shims in herringbone pattern for butterfly wall art
I took extra long wood shims and glue and started making a 
herringbone pattern with them.
I also used shims on one of my dragonflies, they are fun and inexpensive to work with.

wood shims on plywood for butterfly art
This is how it looked before I cut the wing shape out.

wooden shims applied to wood cut out wings
from the back...

wood shim herringbone pattern butterfly wing
I cut the edges of the shims off with the jigsaw following the wing shape.

recycled galvanized metal fence post caps
One happy day, I found this big box of metal chain link fence post caps
at Restore for 7 bucks for the whole box.
I thought I could incorporate them in the design somehow.

large hole cutting drill bit
As luck would have it, I had a hole cutting bit the exact size as the metal caps

wooden recycled art butterfly wings
I made a design around the edge for the caps.
I didn't cut all the way through with the hole cutting bit, but made
areas where I could place the caps...I applied glue and
pounded them in with a rubber mallet

large wooden butterfly wall sculpture art
The body is flat...

wooden finial on butterfly body
I added a finial to the bottom

metal brick ties recycled art
I added brick ties to the body...

recycled metal star shape
I had saved this galvanized star that used to be a lid to a candle and it fit 
perfectly behind the body of the butterfly...
it pays to be a hoarder sometimes

wooden butterfly body
You can see the star and brick ties on the body in this pic

galvanized metal recycled into art
I had these large metal I have no idea what they are  pieces
 and combined them with rusty nuts for the eyes...

giant wooden butterfly
I used a large wrought iron piece for the antenna...

wooden shims in pattern for wings of butterfly
Gave the whole thing a gray-whitewashed-driftwood colored finish...

over sized wooden butterfly art in whitewashed gray
and it was done!

hand made giant wooden butterfly
I hung it on my fence to get photos but it is indoor use only.
This butterfly had a metamorphosis!... Check out his new look here.

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  1. Again, Major!
    Love the neutral metal look for something different. The idea of the fence caps? Genius!

  2. Amazing! As always! Honestly, I am never disappointed when I come to your site! You have a true gift!


I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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