Peacocks and Zebras...Dragonflies

I just finished two peacock dragonflies with textured wings...

I painted the body black and added dots and stripes...

I used Flexall, type of joint compound, for the wings.
I applied the Flexall, then made the larger part of the pattern using my 
fingers and the outer edges with my notched squeegee. 

You can see other projects I've made using
it by clicking the Flexall tag under categories on this page

Copper strap antenna and a drawer pull for eyes...

Here's another peacock...

This one has a square striped body...

and the wings have a green background...

A pic of the back since I get so many emails and questions
asking how I attach the wings.
I use screws, 2 per wing.

I also made a few more zebra designs since the last ones went pretty 
quickly, and some of these have already sold too.
You guys must love zebra and animal prints as much as I do!

This guy has vintage glass knobs for the eyes and a
recycled lamp harp for the antenna....

If you want to use harps in this way, 
you will need a vice to bend them since they are super thick and 
reeeeally hard to bend.

You know I love some zebra a search for "zebra" on
my page and you can see lots of zebra things I've made in the past,
including yellow zebra :)

I made another zebra butterfly...

I used  "#9" house numbers for the antenna on this one...

The body is a chair leg and I added a smaller piece of wood on top
with mismatched glass bead eyes....

This one is actually dark brown zebra print instead of black

I cut the wings out of Luan, sometimes called "Underlayment".
And another pic of how the wings are attached...
don't forget to predrill your holes me

This is a dark brown zebra dragonfly, 
he's already on his way to his new home...

I used a metal piece on the body...

More mismatched glass bead eyes and copper plumbing strap
for the antenna....Did you know that dragonflies really only
have very tiny antenna that you can hardly see?
Oh well, I can't go back now...
I've been making them too long with the big antenna...
plus you probably don't see them with peacock and
zebra wings either  haha

Then I made a black and white zebra butterfly with the
coolest carved wood body...

More lamp harp antenna and glass bead eyes...

I added this unknown metal piece because I thought it looked funky

Since I'm on to the black and white, I'll show you 
this one too even though it's not a zebra or a peacock...

He has a fun painted polka dot body...

I bent and curled silverware for the antenna, 
or you could just save your forks after they've
 taken a spin in the garbage disposal...

The wings are ceiling fan blades that came with these decorative
brass pieces on the ends, I cut the holes out with a 
hole cutting bit on the drill.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the wildlife...

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous - all of them. But I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peacock wings.
    It's always a treat to read your posts and see what new designs you've come up with.

  2. The peacock dragonfly took my fancy instantly! I'm so envious!!

  3. I cannot visit your page without commenting! Everything is just fabulous! I am inspired by each piece! One of these days.... I'll try to make something of my own :)

  4. You have mad skills and creative talent, my dear! Your ideas for antennae are so wonderful!

  5. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!


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