August 30, 2012

Hand Painted Dog Bed with Textured Design and Hand Made Cushions

luxury dog bed hand painted
Update as of 2014, I'm no longer making the dog beds. Thank you so much 
for you past orders and support. Please visit my new online store
featuring my mosaic art.
I wanted to share my latest dog bed that was a custom order.
The customer wanted the bed to have an elegant look with patterns and texture 
but didn't want it too busy with lots of different colors and 
this is what we came up with.

wooden dog bed
You might remember that I used to make my dog beds using 
end tables as the bases...
Since the tables were so inconsistent in materials and sizes, 
I recently decided to build my own bases and it's working out great.

Lucy Designs dog bed
Here it is all primed with the headboard that I cut out from a 
pattern I made.

hand painted pet bed
I suggested a textured design on the base of the bed 
and used Flexall and a stencil to make it.

creating and painting dog beds.
This is after the base coat in a warm yellow...
I used the same process to make the design as I did with 

using a stencil for raised design
I added a brown wash on top of the basecoat to bring out the design

dog bed headboard
I found a beautiful carved wooden piece to use on the headboard...
it was almost the stencil design in reverse!

hand painted dog bed design
I made custom feet by starting with plain bun feet cut from furniture legs... 

I don't remember but I'm sure I probably used the other part of the leg in a dragonfly! 

carving designs in furniture with the dremel tool
I carved a groove in them with the dremel...

painted and carved bun feet for dog bed
Painted, brown washed and topped with metallic gold...
My customer thought they looked like cupcakes and she loved them

hand painted dog beds crackle finish
We ended up going with a crackled background on the headboard,
edged with chocolate, cream and metallic gold stripes...

dog bed accents
Metallic gold finials for the posts...

hand painted striped dog bed
and more stripes around the base.

dog bed with custom cushions
She requested custom cushions with little bumper pillows that go 
around all sides...

I made all the cushions reversible with the chocolate on one side 
and gold on the other so she has lots of options... 

hand tufted pillows for dog bed
She wanted the pillows tufted and explained how the buttons 
wouldn't be a problem with her dog.

throw pillows for dog bed
She also wanted additional little throw pillows...

They are reversible as well.

hand painted yellow dog bed
the back...

and it was done!
It was shipped to New York and she loved it.

hand painted dog bed
She texted me this pic of her baby in the bed...cutie!

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  1. Another beauty. So excited that you are getting online commissions. You inspire me to get off my duff and market myself better. I like your idea of a Pinterest board and promoting it with your post. Not only are you creative but pretty damn smart as well. :D I am gearing up for another show so I will be cranking out for the next eight weeks and this would be a good time to take some pics and start thinking about growth.
    Love this bed. What a lucky pup. :D
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love it! Your dog beds are such fun pieces of art. That is one lucky pooch and looks adorable in his/her bed with all the stuffies.

  3. Totally love this! I'm gonna have to research this Flexall stuff since you do such cool stuff with it.

  4. Just found your site and love your creativity and design. I have to say that I was confused about the Flexall...There is also "Flexall" that is a cream for sore muscles. I couldn't figure out how you were using that as a texture! You can also use drywall mud for heavier texture.


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