Jeweled Glass Beaded Wire Wing Dragonfly and How to Make It

My latest beaded wing dragonfly, 
you can see the other one I made Here.

I thought I would share how I make them if you want to 
create your own.

It's a lot of arrows, hope you can understand it...and excuse my
painted up hands, I was working on other projects at the same time :)

Paint your spindle or table leg that you will use for the body and drill 3 holes
towards the top of the body. You won't be able to paint it after you've beaded.

The middle hole needs to be bigger than the other two
since it will need to accommodate 3 passes of the wire.
I use approx 12 gauge wire, it needs to be pretty sturdy.

The wing structure will be made with one continuous piece of wire.

For wings that are about 12" long, I estimate and cut approximately 
9 feet of the heavy duty wire.

I'll go ahead and tell you it will be like wrestling a baby alligator working
with that length of wire and getting it to cooperate but just take your time
and it will all come together.

Make the loop to keep the wire from coming through the other side...

After you've made the loop on the left, make a wing shape and 
thread through the top right hole, into the body and come out
at the top left hole...

Make another wing shape out to the left then thread the wire
back through the middle hole

This is how it should be so far...two top wings and the end of the wire
coming out the middle hole on the right side.

Make another wing shape and thread end of the wire through
 the bottom hole from right to left...

This shows the wire coming out of the left bottom hole.
Make another wing shape and ...

thread it back through the large middle hole to the other side.

This is the end of the wire coming out the middle hole on the right side...

If you estimated correctly, you'll probably have about 9" left.
If you are a perfectionist and actually measured your wire, 
you will also have about 9" left. ;)

Cut excess and make another loop to keep the wire from coming out...

You'll end up with something like this, adjust and shape the wings as needed...

Gather your beads...I use glass beads and about 30+
medium sized beads per wing with a few smaller and larger beads
mixed in as well.

Get thinner wire to thread the beads, approx 20 gauge is what I use...

I use wire in a lot of projects and this is a spool I already had
so it's what I used.  It just needs to be thin enough so it
will thread through your beads

I cut smaller pieces of the thin wire at a time and then start winding
and weaving the wire onto the wings adding beads as I go.
I don't have a particular method, just kind of create as I go along

You'll end up with something similar to this and that's it!

I added shell button/beads for the eyes on this one...

Uncoiled metal conduit for the antenna...
This is a fun material to use, I also used it in my

I used a wavy brick tie to embellish the body...

Another wing view...

He's ready to go!

I sell these and more in my Etsy Shop if you are not up to making your own!

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I appreciate you stopping by :)

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