Mosaic Surfboards Waves, Palm Tree, Abstract and Sea Turtle

I wanted to show you some of the mosaic surfboard
wall art I've made lately.  I haven't done individual posts so I
thought I would include them all in this one.

See all past surfboards by clicking "mosaic surfboards"
in the category section

This client sent me a drawing of what the design and colors she wanted to use.
She also wanted it a little bigger than I normally make, 
it is a little over 6 feet long

It depicts a sandy shore with blue waves and an aqua sky...

It has lots of iridescent tiles throughout that are so
beautiful when they catch the light but are so hard 
to capture on camera.
This board was shipped to Hawaii.

This little sea turtle board is 2 feet long.

I had done this turtle pattern before and it was what the 
client wanted.  We modified the original design slightly
by leaving off the coral at the bottom.

It has 2 cute little sea turtles...

swimming in aqua water with more iridescent tiles throughout.

This one was ordered from my Etsy Online Store
but the customer actually lives about 30 minutes from me!
She drove over and picked it up when it was done.

This board was custom ordered for a gift and 
it has the company logo of the recipient in the design

It has a cool wave pattern down the entire length of the board...

The "bolt" logo is done in iridescent white...

and the waves in dark blue, light blue and a little aqua.
The dark blue is not as dark as it is showing here.
This board went to California.

This palm tree board is another design I've made before
and the customer wanted it duplicated.

If you click "mosaic surfboard" in the categories section on this page,
you can see all the mosaic boards I've made in the past.

Lots of greens, blues and even little iridescent gold "stars" 
in the night sky.
It was shipped to California.

The last one I have to show you is a wave design
that I've done before.

Again, so hard to capture those beautiful iridescent tiles!

This is one of my favorite designs.

It was shipped to Canada.

I sell them through my Etsy Online Store.  
The standard size I make is a little over 5 feet 
but they can be made any size or design.

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I appreciate you stopping by!

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