Mermaid Wall Art, Wood Mermaids with Crushed Shells or Glass, Small Size, Beach House Art

mermaid art with starfish and glass
Small mermaid wall art covered in teal crushed glass.
This is my smallest size mermaid at just under 3 ft wide.

Editor Note ~ This post was originally published September 2012
and has been completely revamped and updated with new
photos to better represent my current mermaid styles.

wood mermaid small size with glass
Here she is in my living room to give you a better idea of size.

mermaid tail with crushed glass
Crushed glass in dark teal.

beach mermaid
Another mini sized mermaid but with crushed seashells and 
sprinkled with aqua crushed glass

mermaid tail with iridescent shells
The crushed shells have a wonderful iridescence to them.

small mermaid with crushed green shells
This one was one of a kind using green dyed crushed shell. I only 
had enough for one mermaid and she already sold.

small wood mermaid with green shells
If I ever see more of these, I'm going to grab them because I 
love the way they looked.

pink mermaid art, nursery art, child's room art, girl's room art
I had a request for a pink shell mermaid too. She's in the 
same mini size with beautiful pink crushed shells.

pink mermaid art
I still have some of the pink shells so I may make a few more of these.
They are perfect for a little girl's room or nursery.

Thanks so much for checking out my mini mermaid wall art,
until next time...

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Yellow Zebra, Tie Dye, and Peacock Spindle Butterflies

I've got a few new Butterflies I wanted to share.
Look in the categories section if you want to check out the others I've made.

The bodies are spindles or table legs and I cut the wings out of thin wood...

I've made other Peacock designs using texture, 
but this time I used a painted design with a little animal print on the edges.

I used a vintage hook, of some sort, for the antenna and 
metal beads for the eyes...

A bright, fun painted butterfly...reminds me of tie dye...

mismatched glass bead eyes, with distressed orange body and red head...

It looks like black, but it is really a pretty, dark purple...
I'm sure it is camera operator error.

I used the "block" painting technique that I shared before on
This post.

If you visit this blog often, you know I love zebra and animal prints...
I even have a "zebra" category that has all the past zebra projects.
Love the yellow zebra...I used it before on an armoire as well.

 More glass bead eyes and copper wire for antenna...

That's all the new butterflies!

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