October 2, 2012

Angel Recycled Art, Colorful Architectural Angel Art

colorful recycled angel art
I wanted to share these angels I made recently.
They are a combination of recycled pieces and parts along
with hand painted elements.

angel art Lucy Designs
This one has a large finial for the top part of the body and part of a large  
wooden candlestick for the bottom half

colorful painted angel
Stacked wood with very distressed/layered paint finishes painted in fun 
colors forms the base and ceramic knobs become the feet.

recycled elements in fun and funky art
I attached an aged #4 house number and a rusty metal flower to the front 
of the body painted in blue with metallic gold dots.

angel back view
View from the back...The wings are pieces from a chair...I think(?)

recycled art angel
A metal swirl becomes the halo.

hand painted angel yellow and pink
The body of the second one started out at a wooden column piece that I cut in half.
Painted in mustard and fuchsia checks and added rusty roofing cap discs.

I rusted the tin discs by placing in a bucket with hydrogen peroxide and salt.
It worked great! I should have taken a pic because I got all excited and 
started adding more metal pieces, washers, house numbers, etc to see
 what kind of effect I would end up with.
I have since added vinegar to the mix to create rusty and aged pieces.

recycled and painted wood pieces for art
The base is a wooden clock that I cut in half, added a fuschia wash 
of paint and turquoise dots. You can still make out the clock numerals 
under the paint wash.

purple hinges
I already had this hinge from another project that I had painted purple
 with yellow polka dots so I attached it to the front.

decorative wood for angel wing art
The wings are from a length of decorative wooden shelving...

recycled angel halo
The head is a combo of a wooden candlestick top, a giant metal washer and 
a metal hook with that sun design that I thought looked cool for the halo.

recycled art angels
They are quite large, the angel on the left is about 2 feet tall.
Thanks for reading about my recycled angels!

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I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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