October 21, 2012

Table Leg Dragonflies and Butterflies, Peacock and Zebra Hand Painted designs

peacock feather butterfly art
Update as of Spring 2016, I'm no longer making the dragonflies.
I sincerely appreciate all the past orders, thank you!
Please visit my new online shop featuring my coastal and 
nature themed mosaics. 
I've been making a lot of butterflies and dragonflies lately!
The peacock design has been pretty popular so I made a few more

peacock hand painted design Lucy Designs
I really love the colors on the peacock wings

zebra butterfly art
I adore animal prints, especially zebra...

recycled butterfly art
This one has green glass eyes and rusty antenna.

yellow zebra dragonfly art
I had already made a yellow zebra butterfly and wanted to 
make a dragonfly with that design too.
I've even painted an armoire in the yellow zebra design.

spindle dragonfly body
I had small brass rivets I wanted to use so I predrilled holes 
and pounded the rivets into the wooden body

yellow dragonfly art
I also added this funky brass knob to the body.

Auburn Tiger garden art
This one is not officially "zebra", maybe more of a 
tiger stripe in blue and orange for Auburn University.

Auburn University garden recycled art
A fun way to show team spirit! This one sold before I could even 
list it in my Etsy StorePeople are serious about their teams!

zebra dragonfly recycled art
Another zebra dragonfly...

recycled fork as dragonfly antenna
I twisted the tines of an old fork for the antenna and used a rusty hinge for the eyes.
I rusted the hinge myself and described the process in a recent post.

lucy designs dragonfly with peacock design
Here's peacock wings again but this time edged with a lil' leopard print

peacock feather design edged in leopard print
up close...

recycled dragonfly art Lucy Designs
A decorative metal piece for the eyes and twisty wire antenna

Lucy Designs Peacock feather design on dragonfly
And one more dragonfly in the peacock series...
I love the distressed teal body on this one

hand painted peacock feather

I used two of my rusty washers and glass beads for the eyes and rusty wire antenna.

Hey, did you know that dragonflies only have very small antenna 
that you usually can't even see?
I only know because I get a lot of emails telling me this LOL :)

Yes, most of my dragonflies have large antenna along with zebra, 
peacock feather, seashell, flag or other types of painted wings... 
which I've never seen on a real dragonfly.
I'm thinking it's all good and I love the look of the antenna on my fantasy dragonflies.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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