Table Leg Dragonflies... Metal Series

I had this great rusty wire with tiny little stars attached to it and really wanted to use it,
so I wrapped it around metal frame wings on a dragonfly.
I love the way it turned out and it sold right away...yay!

I used old zipper pulls for the eyes and a put a rusty key on the body too.

Isn't that wire fun?

In the Jeweled Dragonfly post, I described how I make the 
wire frame for the wings

For this one with the lacy wire wings, 
I used the same wire frame design as above but this time 
wrapped it with thin rusty wire

I added a vintage pulley at the tail

Woven wing detail...

Here's another woven wire wing dragonfly...

An aged key at the tail...

A latch for the eyes and the last little bit of my starry wire for the antenna...

For this one I cut wing shapes out of a sheet of corrugated metal using
tin snips...

An aged brick tie for the antenna and an odd little metal piece for the eyes.

This one has metal brick ties attached to another wire wing frame...

I hammered them down on the wire and they were very secure
and didn't need anything further to hold them on...

An old hinge on the body adds another pop of the silver color

This dragonfly has a wooden body but it's with the other metal ones 
because I covered the body with stripes made from metal brick ties.

I hammered them around the shape of the body and secured with screws

Fun mismatched metal eyes and thumb screw antenna...

Layered block painted wing detail

And last but not least, this baby dragonfly with metal screen on the wings

Cute little black spindle body...

And wire frame wings covered with the metal screening and 
embellished with aged washers

That's it for the metal ones.... for now.
Thanks so much for checking them out

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