Architectural Art Bugs

I was on a kick making my Architectural Angels using carved wooden shapes, corbels and
recycled materials and decided to make Architectural Bugs too.

For this one I used rusty iron brackets for the wings...

a broken iron piece for the antenna...

An aged brass house number on the painted and distressed table leg body,

and an old rusty key at the tail.

This is a fun black and white bug with painted striped wings
made from carved wooden pieces I had

The top of his body is a wooden lamp base cut in half, and the bottom
is a table leg. I joined them using a dowel screw and wood glue.

For the eyes, I used clear spiked caster cups that are used for furniture feet on carpet.

Another aged brass house number on the body...

As if it wasn't funky enough already, I added a pipe fitting at the tail.

I made two mini ones, the bodies are part of a wooden 
candlestick cut in half..

A vintage ceramic door knob is the head and pieces of tin ceiling
tile are the wings...

He has a rusty iron finial at the tail.

The other one also has a vintage door knob head...

an aged brass cabinet knob at the tail...

and wings made from the rungs of a ladder back chair

Here's a back view, I screw 
and glue all the pieces securely to the back.

This is a fun one with a wooden lamp base body that's
been cut in half, and a piece of iron scroll work for the wings

The eyes are from a drawer pull..

with a rusty hinge at the tail.

This last one is very large, his body is also from a 
wooden lamp base that's been cut in half...

I added this second wooden piece at the bottom

aged metal knob eyes...

and oversized wings made from a vintage wooden corbel.

That's all the bugs for now, they are perfect for a porch, patio, fence or inside...
thanks for checking them out!

You can find these and more in my Etsy Shop.

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Hand Painted Christmas Stockings Sea Life, Sea Horse, Crab, Shark, Jellyfish, Sea Turtle, Starfish Designs

hand painted sea life stockings
I recently completed a set of six hand painted Christmas stockings for an order.
I taped them up on my mantel just to get a quick pic.

hand painted beach Christmas stockings
It all started with my first set hand painted stockings that I painted a long time ago
on stockings I found on Ebay. I've added new designs each year and now have my
stockings made for me by a local seamstress.

seahorse Christmas beach stocking
For this order, she wanted a seahorse stocking...

hand painted sea life Christmas stocking
up close...

jellyfish coastal Christmas stocking
Jellyfish stocking...

jellyfish coastal Christmas stocking
I love the jellyfish!

coastal starfish stocking

hand painted starfish Christmas stocking

blue crab Christmas stocking

hand painted crab coastal christmas stocking

shark Jaws Christmas stocking

hand painted shark Jaws Christmas stocking

sea turtle beach coastal Christmas stocking
And the sea turtle.

I've reworked the design on the sea turtle since the last
batch of stockings, making it more like the shape that I use

hand painted canvas coastal stockings
They are all painted in dotted design using 
coastal colors of blues, whites and metallic gold.

hand painted coastal canvas stockings
All the cuffed tops have the same pattern

hand painted beach stocking
And I finish the backs with simple white dots.

hand painted sea life Christmas stockings

hand painted coastal beach Christmas stockings

hand painted coastal Christmas stockings
Update January 2015... I added more sea life stocking designs this past Christmas
there are a few styles left and they are available in my Etsy Shop.
This may be the last year I offer them so get them if you are
interested! :)

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How to Make Christmas Tree Art Using Recycled Re-Purposed Wooden Picture Frame Molding Pieces and Ends, Reclaimed Art

recycled picture frame molding Christmas trees
If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know I love

giant butterfly with picture molding design recycled art
I've made Giant Butterflies...

decorative wood molding drawer handles
Unique drawer pulls and accents on furniture....

decorative alphabet letters from picture frame molding
Letters, and more.
Click the category "Things to Make with Molding"
to see all of them.

picture frame molding Christmas trees
This time, I had an idea to use the molding to make 
Christmas Tree Sculptures.

making Christmas trees using repurposed and recycled picture molding
I used the chop saw to miter the edges and used lots
of wood glue to secure them to a vertical piece of wood on the back.

picture molding Christmas trees
Here is one with a coat of white primer.

using picture frames and decorative molding to make Christmas trees
After I glued the largest one together, I realized the last 
two layers I used were plain molding and it wasn't jiving
with all the other decorative molding.

roll of upholstery nail head trim to embellish Christmas trees
I had a bit of nail head trim on hand and applied it to the plain
molding for a little for added interest.

using upholstery tacks on Christmas tree art
The end result looks much better!

recycled picture frame and decorative molding Christmas trees
I decided to go monochromatic and paint them white with a brown wash
to bring out all the detail

recycled picture frame molding scrap tree decoration
They are made to lean on a shelf or mantel.

things to make with picture frame molding scraps
I just love all the detail of the different moldings.

art to make with picture molding scraps
On the smallest one, I didn't stagger the layers but instead cut 
them to a triangle shape for a different look.

picture frame molding scraps art
Thanks for checking them out!

Update December 2016
I am no longer creating the molding trees and 
all remaining inventory is sold out. Thank you!

or stop by the Etsy Store to see what's new.

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