November 26, 2012

Recycled Art Bugs with Architectural Elements Mixed Media art

recycled art sculpture
Update as of Spring 2016, I'm no longer making the dragonflies, bugs
or butterflies. I sincerely appreciate all the past orders, thank you!
Please visit my new online shop featuring my coastal and 
nature themed mosaics. 

I was on a kick making my Architectural Angels using carved wooden shapes, corbels and
recycled materials and decided to make Architectural Bugs too.

architectural art bug
For this one I used rusty iron brackets for the wings...

art dragonfly
a broken iron piece for the antenna...

recycled house number mixed media art bug
An aged brass house number on the painted and distressed table leg body,

metal keys in recycled art
and an old rusty key at the tail.

recycled art bug
This is a fun black and white bug with painted striped wings
made from carved wooden pieces I had

whimsical painted recycled art
The top of his body is a wooden lamp base cut in half, and the bottom
is a table leg. I joined them using a dowel screw and wood glue.

junk art
For the eyes, I used clear spiked caster cups that are used for furniture feet on carpet.

metal house number in art
Another aged brass house number on the body...

pipe fitting in recycled art sculpture
As if it wasn't funky enough already, I added a pipe fitting at the tail.

recycled art bugs
I made two mini ones, the bodies are part of a wooden 
candlestick cut in half..

And then... it is disheartening to see companies copying my art.
I came across a listing on Zulily and Wayfair that contained 
almost exact replicas of my creations...sad.
Mine is on the right in above photo.

The set being sold on the left and my original art on the right.
The other large art bug I had posted about previously 
looks like it was copied down to the wing shape and the 
metal strapping I used on the body...sigh.

original recycled art bug
A vintage ceramic door knob is the head and pieces of tin ceiling
tile are the wings...

iron finial on art piece
He has a rusty iron finial at the tail.

vintage ceramic knob art
The other one also has a vintage door knob head...

recycled drawer pull in art piece
an aged brass cabinet knob at the tail...

architectural sculpture recycled art
and wings made from the rungs of a ladder back chair

recycled art garden bug
Here's a back view, I screw 
and glue all the pieces securely to the back.

wrought iron artwork
This is a fun one with a wooden lamp base body that's
been cut in half, and a piece of iron scroll work for the wings

repurposed and recycled art
The eyes are from a drawer pull..

with a rusty hinge at the tail.

mixed media art sculpture flying
This last one is very large, his body is also from a 
wooden lamp base that's been cut in half...

I added this second wooden piece at the bottom

aged metal knob eyes...

recycled corbel in art
and oversized wings made from a vintage wooden corbel.
That's all the bugs for now, they are perfect for a porch, patio, fence or inside...
thanks for checking them out!

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  1. You find the most interesting parts and pieces to use for your creations. It makes them so much fun.

  2. I really love all the ideas you come up with! I am particularly fond of these architectural bugs! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I can clearly see from your imagination that I can never throw anything away again. Your ideas are brilliant!

  4. I can clearly see by your imagination that I can never throw anything away again. Your ideas are brilliant!


I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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