November 1, 2012

Recycled Christmas Tree Art DIY Using Recycled Re-Purposed Wooden Picture Frame and Molding

recycled picture frame molding Christmas trees
Update 2014 I'm no longer creating or selling the Christmas trees.
Thank you for all your orders and support!
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giant butterfly with picture molding design recycled art
I've made Giant Butterflies...

decorative wood molding drawer handles
Unique drawer pulls and accents on furniture....

decorative alphabet letters from picture frame molding
Letters, and more.
Click the category "Things to Make with Molding"
to see all of them.

picture frame molding Christmas trees
This time, I had an idea to use the molding to make 
Christmas Tree Sculptures.

making Christmas trees using repurposed and recycled picture molding
I used the chop saw to miter the edges and used lots
of wood glue to secure them to a vertical piece of wood on the back.

picture molding Christmas trees
Here is one with a coat of white primer.

using picture frames and decorative molding to make Christmas trees
After I glued the largest one together, I realized the last 
two layers I used were plain molding and it wasn't jiving
with all the other decorative molding.

roll of upholstery nail head trim to embellish Christmas trees
I had a bit of nail head trim on hand and applied it to the plain
molding for a little for added interest.

using upholstery tacks on Christmas tree art
The end result looks much better!

recycled picture frame and decorative molding Christmas trees
I decided to go monochromatic and paint them white with a brown wash
to bring out all the detail

recycled picture frame molding scrap tree decoration
They are made to lean on a shelf or mantel.

things to make with picture frame molding scraps
I just love all the detail of the different moldings.

art to make with picture molding scraps
On the smallest one, I didn't stagger the layers but instead cut 
them to a triangle shape for a different look.

picture frame molding scraps art
Thanks for checking them out!

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I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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