Dragonfly with Beaded Wire Wings

If you keep up with me on Facebook, you've already 
seen my latest dragonfly with beaded wire wings.

I used to make beaded ones like this long before I first blogged about them.
I would also make them using wire and window screen for the wings 
and embellish with beads.

I don't have an instructional but I made the wings with thick wire,
then filled the insides of the wings with thinner wire and glass beads.

There's no real method to the bead placement,
I just kind of added them as I went along...

Copper wire antenna and metal pieces for the eyes...

He has a pretty turquoise blue body...

and lots of beautiful, colorful beads.

I also added a metal piece at the tail...I believe it is a
washing machine hose clamp.

This style is quite a bit more time consuming to make but 
he turned out great.

Others must have thought so too because he sold about
20 minutes after I listed him in my Online Store.
Guess I better get busy!

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Thanks for checking out my glass beaded dragonfly

Dragonfly Seashell Wings

Here's a dragonfly I made a while back with seashell wings and I 
never wrote a post about it but wanted to share with you...

I used the same technique to apply the shells as I do with my Mermaids,
using Flexall, a type of joint compound

I added a shell finial at the bottom by drilling a small hole in the shell 
and attaching with a screw

I don't have a tutorial on this but you basically slather the Flexall
on and place your shells and let dry
I used a fun metal piece for the eyes and brick tie antenna...

I get lots of emails and questions about how I attach the wings so here's
a photo of the back...predrill your holes!

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Croquet Mallet Dragonfly

Croquet Mallet Dragonfly...

I saw this set at Restore and immediately thought "dragonfly"...

I cut the wings out of Luan and painted with the same
stripes that are on the handle of the mallet...

For this one, I drilled two holes through the wings and mallet,
inserted a machine screw and attached with a wing nut in the front...

I even used the wickets that came with the set to make the antenna,
I drilled two holes through the "head" of the dragonfly and 
inserted the wire wicket...

I gave them a little curl at the top with pliers 

Thanks for checking out my croquet dragonfly.

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Peacocks and Zebras...Dragonflies

I just finished two peacock dragonflies with textured wings...

I painted the body black and added dots and stripes...

I used Flexall, type of joint compound, for the wings.
I applied the Flexall, then made the larger part of the pattern using my 
fingers and the outer edges with my notched squeegee. 

You can see other projects I've made using
it by clicking the Flexall tag under categories on this page

Copper strap antenna and a drawer pull for eyes...

Here's another peacock...

This one has a square striped body...

and the wings have a green background...

A pic of the back since I get so many emails and questions
asking how I attach the wings.
I use screws, 2 per wing.

I also made a few more zebra designs since the last ones went pretty 
quickly, and some of these have already sold too.
You guys must love zebra and animal prints as much as I do!

This guy has vintage glass knobs for the eyes and a
recycled lamp harp for the antenna....

If you want to use harps in this way, 
you will need a vice to bend them since they are super thick and 
reeeeally hard to bend.

You know I love some zebra print...do a search for "zebra" on
my page and you can see lots of zebra things I've made in the past,
including yellow zebra :)

I made another zebra butterfly...

I used  "#9" house numbers for the antenna on this one...

The body is a chair leg and I added a smaller piece of wood on top
with mismatched glass bead eyes....

This one is actually dark brown zebra print instead of black

I cut the wings out of Luan, sometimes called "Underlayment".
And another pic of how the wings are attached...
don't forget to predrill your holes first...trust me

This is a dark brown zebra dragonfly, 
he's already on his way to his new home...

I used a metal piece on the body...

More mismatched glass bead eyes and copper plumbing strap
for the antenna....Did you know that dragonflies really only
have very tiny antenna that you can hardly see?
Oh well, I can't go back now...
I've been making them too long with the big antenna...
plus you probably don't see them with peacock and
zebra wings either  haha

Then I made a black and white zebra butterfly with the
coolest carved wood body...

More lamp harp antenna and glass bead eyes...

I added this unknown metal piece because I thought it looked funky

Since I'm on to the black and white, I'll show you 
this one too even though it's not a zebra or a peacock...

He has a fun painted polka dot body...

I bent and curled silverware for the antenna, 
or you could just save your forks after they've
 taken a spin in the garbage disposal...

The wings are ceiling fan blades that came with these decorative
brass pieces on the ends, I cut the holes out with a 
hole cutting bit on the drill.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the wildlife...

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Giant Wooden Recycled Mixed Media Butterfly Art Using Wood Shims, Fence Post Caps, Repurposed and Recycled Pieces, Funky 5ft Butterfly

giant wooden recycled butterfly
this is another project that has been sitting in my
garage for about a year waiting to get his wings and today was the day.

(I'm sorry you had to see my fence that needs to be pressure washed)

picture frame molding giant butterfly
Do you remember this one I made last year?
You can see how I did it here...
It was even on About.com!...I was pretty excited about that

recycled butterfly art
It's a big one...as in a little over 5ft wide... big.
I can't help it, I love to make over sized art... it's a sickness I think.

plywood wings cut out for giant butterfly
I cut the wings out of plywood...
in hindsight, I would not have used 4 separate wings but...

wooden plywood wings for butterfly art sculpture
Since I did make separate wings, I attached it all together 
on the back with a wood cut out, wood glue and screws

wood shims in herringbone pattern for butterfly wall art
I took extra long wood shims and glue and started making a 
herringbone pattern with them...
I also used shims on one of my dragonflies, they are fun
and inexpensive to work with

wood shims on plywood for butterfly art
I was left with this...

wooden shims applied to wood cut out wings
from the back...

wood shim herringbone pattern butterfly wing
I cut the edges of the shims off with the jigsaw.

recycled galvanized metal fence post caps
One happy day, I found this big box of metal chain link fence post caps
at Restore for 7 bucks.
I thought I could incorporate them in the design somehow.

large hole cutting drill bit
As luck would have it, I had a hole cutting bit the exact size 
as the metal caps

wooden recycled art butterfly wings
I made a design around the edge for the caps.
I didn't cut all the way through with the hole cutting bit, but made
areas where I could place the caps...I applied glue and
pounded them in with a rubber mallet

large wooden butterfly wall sculpture art
The body is flat...

wooden finial on butterfly body
I added a finial to the bottom

metal brick ties recycled art
I added brick ties to the body...

recycled metal star shape
I had saved this galvanized star that used to be a lid to a candle and it fit 
perfectly behind the body of the butterfly...
it pays to be a hoarder sometimes

wooden butterfly body
You can see the star and brick ties on the body in this pic

galvanized metal recycled into art
I had these large metal I have no idea what they are  pieces
 and combined them with rusty nuts for the eyes...

giant wooden butterfly
I used a large wrought iron piece for the antenna...

wooden shims in pattern for wings of butterfly
Gave the whole thing a gray-whitewashed-driftwood colored finish...

over sized wooden butterfly art in whitewashed gray
and it was done!

hand made giant wooden butterfly
What do you think?

I hung it on my fence just to get pics but 
I'm going to list it in my Etsy shop

This butterfly had a metamorphosis!... Check out his new look here.

Thanks for stopping by!
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