December 21, 2013

Molding Christmas Tree Sculptures Using Re-Purposed, Recycled Picture Frames and Decorative Molding Pieces

Christmas trees using picture frame molding scraps
Update December 2016
I'm no longer creating the molding trees. Thank you!
My latest set of Christmas trees made using recycled molding
and picture frames.

decorative molding and picture frame trees
I also made this set recently for another customer.
Just like real trees, no two will ever be the same.

picture molding Christmas trees
This is very first set of picture molding trees I made last year.

picture frames and decorative molding scraps
They all start kind of like this...with a pile of decorative molding
and picture frames.

picture molding christmas trees
Here they are assembled and ready to paint.

using recycled picture frame molding
I love all the detail in the molding!

decorative molding using upholstery tacks
I'll even use plain moldings but dress them up with upholstery tacks
like I did with the little flower tacks here...

decorative molding and upholstery tacks
... or here on this one I used a strip of upholstery tacks on the plain molding.

dty beaded molding

use beads and joint compound to make molding
You could even use the bead and joint compound trick I shared on
my architectural angel post if you have pieces of molding that are
just a little too plain.

recycled repurposed christmas tree art using picture molding
They are made to lean against a wall or on a mantel, 
I just have them propped against my Christmas gifts
while I take photos.

picture frame molding christmas trees
They are quite large and make a great impact with your decorating, 
the biggest of the three is usually around 2 feet tall.

reclaimed repurposed recycled picture frame and decorative molding art
I love this one with the oversize trunk, it might be my fave.

using picture frame molding pieces and scraps
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out

Update December 2016
I am no longer creating the molding Christmas trees.Thank you!

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December 9, 2013

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments, Black and White Checks, Stripes, Leopard Print and Dots,

hand painted set of large 10" finial christmas ornaments with black and white checks
Update December 2016
I'm no longer creating the hand painted ornaments. Thank you!

Just completed this set of 10 ornaments for an order. 
They are very large, about 10" long and about 6" in diameter.

hand painted designer paper mache christmas ornaments
You might remember this batch of ornaments I painted a couple of months ago,
or my other set of giant ornaments from a year or so ago.

This most recent set started out like this.  They were new "old" stock from a designer.
The existing paint finish was a little scuffed up but I knew I was going to
repaint anyway so it worked out great.

hand painting large christmas ornaments
Here they are all primed and with their base coats...

hand painting large christmas ornaments
a little further along...

hand painted large finial style designer christmas ornaments
And this is how they turned out.
I hung them on my mantel so I could snap some pics.

hand painted large 10" christmas ornament
Checks and dots. 
I ended up adding various finial pieces at the bottoms of some just like

hand painted finial leopard print christmas ornament

hand painted stripe ornament
Stripes and dots...

hand painted large black and white check designer ornaments
More checks!...
Inspiration taken from that famous designer ;)

large hand painted ornaments leopard, dots and checks
Big dots, checks, and animal print...

hand painted finial black and white stripe ornament
Black and white stripes

hand painted finial black and white check designer christmas ornament
And another pretty checked one.

large 10" finial style hand painted check ornaments

hand painted large finial style animal print ornaments

hand painted designer black and white check designer christmas ornaments
I'll be shipping these out tomorrow so she'll have them
in time for Christmas!

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November 26, 2013

Table Leg Dragonflies and Butterflies Zebra, Pink Fleur De Lis, Chevron, Swirl, Metal Strapping Designs and More

pink spindle recycled butterfly
Update April 2016
I'm no longer creating the butterflies and dragonflies. Thank you!

It's been a few months since I've had a dragonfly post so I thought
I'd share the latest ones 

recycled butterfly art
This chair leg body with the pink fleur de lis wings
had little seashell eyes

pink butterfly wings
This design has been one of my most popular

table leg butterfly
Another pink butterfly version.

pink dragonfly recycled art
Of course, had to make pink fleur de lis dragonflies too...

hand painted pink and white fleur de lis
Greens, pinks and fleur de lis in white with swirls...

pink table leg dragonfly art
These had super long bodies!

recycled table leg peacock feather dragonfly
Another popular design...the peacock feather dragonfly...

hand painted peacock feather and animal print design
Edged in a little leopard print.

peacock dragonfly art
Then I did something a little different and cut an actual
feather shape for the wings on this Peacock Dragonfly

peacock feather shaped wings dragonfly
I liked how the feather shape turned out

peacock and animal print butterfly
I made a peacock feather with leopard trim butterfly too

recycled butterfly body with hand painted wings
vintage porcelain doorknob for the head and an aged
latch on the body.

recycled table leg dragonfly with metal wings
This one was a custom order and it was super big, 
about 3 1/2 feet wide

vintage door knob in art
I added this vintage metal knob at the tail

table leg dragonfly with metal wings
I made a regular size metal strap wing dragonfly for the shop

metal strapping for dragonfly wings
I aged this metal strapping myself using my technique I wrote about

whimsical dragonfly recycled art
I went bright and funky with this colorful dragonfly

He has a porcelain vintage door knob for his head...

And a colorful ceramic knob at the tail

hand painted colorful design
I love all these colors together.

table leg dragonfly recycled art
These next two were also custom orders...

recycled dragonfly art
She had specific colors and patterns for her dragonflies.

Starry eyes...

corrugated metal wings for outdoor art
Bright bodies...

Aged corrugated metal for the wings on one of them.

hand painted zebra butterfly art
I've had three zebra butterflies lately.

recycled keys in art
This one has a latch on the body and metal keys for eyes.

hand painted zebra design
Another version...

A ceramic knob at the tail...

zebra wing dragonfly
I've got zebra dragonflies too

This one has a studded body

twisted spindle dragonfly art
This is such a cool twisted spindle on this dragonfly

I ended up adding little metal beads to it as well.

leaf wing dragonfly
I've made this style before. It is a lady bug wing dragonfly

ladybug detail on dragonfly wing
A cute little ladybug painted on the wing

recycled copper tubing on dragonfly
I used copper pipe for his antenna

recycled purple and green dragonfly

fork antenna on dragonfly
Funky fork antenna

hand painted purple swirl designs
I painted the design then added a brown wash to 
tone it down and give it an aged look.

ikat dragonfly
Last one!

This is actually my very first venture into chevron or ikat print look

hand painted ikat on dragonfly wings
Thank you for sticking through all the pictures and taking a 
look at all my dragonflies!

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