February 11, 2013

Hand Painted Hearts, Heart Ornaments or Door Hangers, Stripes, Animal Print, Dots and More

hand painted checked heart
Just finished my hand painted Valentine hearts...
3 days before Valentine's Day LOL!
Oh well, better late than never 

hand painted heart ornament
I say Valentine hearts but they can really be for any 
time of the year.
Hang on a cabinet door...

hand made heart shape door knob hanger
Or a door knob...
in a window, on a gift, or even on your tree at Christmas!

hand painted paper mache hearts
This is a set of paper mache hearts I made years ago.
They were so fun to make, adding all the different elements
and patterns so I wanted to make more.

hand painted wooden heart cut outs
I drew a freehand heart pattern and cut them all out of 
3/4" thick pine. Sanded, primed, painted on all sides, sealed and finished
with all kinds of fun elements and pretty ribbon.
They are pretty big, about 7" x 6"

There are lots of pics...ready?...

metal key ornament
Pretty peacock pattern on one side
and gold metallic dots on the other side with a metal key and zebra ribbon...

wooden heart ornament
Peacock Heart

painted wooden heart cut out
Hand painted flower on one side and black and cream checks on the other
with striped ribbon

heart ornament
Big gold metallic dots on black, topped with a vintage u-shaped bolt
and harlequin green and cream on the other.
The diamonds are "studded" with painted thumbtacks... the same process

studded heart ornament
I LOVE the studs!

hand painted zebra heart ornament
Zebra one one side and gold dots with a pink escutcheon
 and metal key on the other, tied up with dotted black ribbon

polka dot heart ornament
This one may be my favorite.
Gold and Wine stripes with a verdigris metal letter "V" and more 
metallic dots on the reverse with a metal key at the bottom.
This one is tied with vintage french ribbon in black and white stripe

diamond and animal print heart ornament
Had to do some leopard ones! This one has more green
and cream studded diamonds on the other side...

striped heart ornament with recycled number
Another peacock feather with an aged number "4" over black and 
cream stripes on reverse, all tied up with leopard ribbon and blue
and cream stripes on the sides

painted heart ornament
More leopard with gold metallic dots topped with a metal key 
on the other side

hand painted key heart ornament
Most are painted with the black and cream stripes on the sides....

black and white checked ornament
Some have a beautiful blue with cream stripes...

black and white harlequin studded design
I love this one too! Gold dots on a pretty pink background, topped 
with an aged number "9" with black and cream studded
diamond on the other side.

hand painted wooden heart ornament
A white metal key over gold dots with more black and cream checks
on the other side topped with leopard ribbon

art ornament heart shape
I like this one too!
Pink and cream distressed paint with studs and an aged letter "U".
Black and cream studded diamond on the other side

heart cut out with hand painted design
Gold swirls on black with a numeral "2" on a studded striped background
on the other side

zebra print ornament
Studs on Pink with zebra on the reverse.
A white metal key dangles at the bottom and topped with dotted ribbon

hand painted black and white checked ornament
Another white metal key on top of a studded background and 
the black and cream checks on the reverse

striped and black and white checks hand painted ornament
Last one!
More checks and a verdigris "V" over green and gold stripes, all
tied up with black and white ribbon.
Update! check out my 2015 hand painted heart ornaments

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  1. Decided I needed a little Lucy love here on Linden Drive so I added one of your little lovelies to my cart today.


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