Hand Painted Architectural Art Bugs, Table Legs, Wood and Metal, Mixed Media Wall or Garden Art

painted moth bug art
What is it with me and my fascination for making bugs?
...and dragonflies and butterflies? :)

table leg recycled art bug
Not too long ago, I made this bug and a few others,
but got the itch to make a couple more

chair leg art bug
I used a chair leg for the body on this one...

recycled art bug with chair leg body
An aged lamp harp for legs. 
I've used lamp harps before for antenna on my dragonflies too

junk bug art bug
A metal chair leg bracket for the head with little brass knob eyes...

hand painted graffiti look
Added hand painted wings... 

table leg dragonfly
...and he was ready to go.
I was actually tempted to keep this one for myself, 
but I put him in the shop and he's already flown away.

dragonfly moth art bug
That same day, I made this bug too.

recycled art bug
The top of the body is part of a wooden lamp base cut in half and I attached
part of a wooden candlestick base to the bottom, 
he was pretty big, and fat.

art bug recycled art
...Had to funk him up with aged metal brick ties on the body...

recycled art bug dragonfly
Funky verdigris metal eyes...

recycled art bug
...and wings cut from pieces of wood from an old chair...

giant architectural recycled art bug
He's flown off to his new home too.

Thanks for checking out my new bugs :)

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