DIY Hand Painted Wine Glasses with Peacock Feather Design, Tutorial Painted Wine Glasses

hand painted peacock feather wine glasses diy
I recently painted a set of peacock feather wine glasses

I used to paint on glass a lot, making decorative glass bottles
drinking glasses or decorative painting on vintage windows
 and it's a lot of fun and easy to do.

dollar store wine glasses to use with glass paint
I found these great 20oz Libbey wine glasses at my local Dollar store.

Folk Art and Deco Art Glass paints
I have a bunch of different colors and brands of glass paints on hand. 
They all require baking in the oven after curing to make them more durable.
I used both the Folk Art Enamels and the Deco Art Enamels on this project
depending on the color I needed. 

You can combine different brands of bake-able paints, just
read the directions and if they have two different oven temps listed,
use the lower of the two and it should be fine.

painting peacock feathers on glass
When painting on a glass remember your first coat is the one you are going to see
on the inside, so you want it to look pleasing from that angle.
This shows the start of the feather and I used metallic gold for the first coat.

painting peacock feathers with glass paints
This shows the outside of the glass after applying several coats...

Any metallic gold glass paint will be too sheer with just one coat.
I used a base of the metallic gold, so it will be pretty from the inside,
let dry, then topped it with a yellowish tan coat (or any yellow color similar to the metallic gold)
 and let dry then end with a final coat of the metallic gold. 
This will give you the opaque metallic gold base for the feather.

painted peacock feather wine glass DIY Filbert Paint brush
I painted a turquoise round spot on top of  the metallic gold base, followed by
 bright blue with a hint of dark purple. Give each coat a chance to dry
before adding the next layer. They dry pretty quickly especially when
working on more than one glass.

When painting circles or rounded shapes, a Filbert or Oval Wash Brush 
like the one in this photo, makes it super simple.

hand painted peacock feather glass painting
I knew I wanted my design to sort of wrap around the glass, so
I started with the feather stem and swirled it around to the other side.

I love peacock feathers and use the design in lots of projects...

hand painted valentine ornament

hand painted peacock feather Christmas ornament

dragonfly with peacock feather design

butterfly with peacock feather design
I definitely love peacock feathers!

hand painted wine glass with peacock feather and liner brush
I started adding the rest of the feather using a long liner brush.
This type of  brush makes it easy to apply long, sweeping strokes.

painting on glass peacock feather
The back...

It doesn't have to be perfect, no one will be examining every stroke...
if they are, serve them another glass of wine. 😜

peacock feather painted on wine glass using glass paints
I continued layering different colors of green, one was a pearlescent green
but you can use whatever greens you like. You could also make the feathers
blue, purple, gold or whatever look you are going for.

hand painted peacock feather on wine glass using glass paints
 For the final touch, I added strokes of metallic gold.

When adding layers using glass paint, you have to make sure what you 
are painting over is dry or it will lift the paint up...don't want that.

painted wine glass with peacock feather in greens and gold

painted peacock feather wine glass
Inside view.
After curing for 24 hours, bake according to your 
paint directions for added durability.

hand painted peacock feather wine glasses Lucy Designs
Update December 2016
Sold out and I'm no longer creating the wine glasses. Thank you!
Paint your own or visit my Etsy store, I usually have sets of four listed there. 

hand painted peacock feather wine glasses Lucy Designs
This set had beautiful green stems. You could also paint 
this design on the stemless wine glasses.

hand painted peacock feather wine glass

peacock feather painted glasses
Thanks for stopping by and reading about my wine glasses!

Update June 2017

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Angel Wing Wall Art, Carved Wood Look

wood angel wings wall art
Update December 2016
I'm no longer making the angel wings.
Please visit my new online shop that features my mosaic art and
even mosaic angel wings. Thank you!

I recently shared my new angel wing art in a large 4ft size
and I decided I needed to offer a smaller pair as well!

Note ~ This post was originally published July 2013
and has been revamped and updated in 2014 with new
photos to capture my current angel wing styles.

angel wings carved wood look
Shown here in distressed white, this size is 28" tall.

silver wood angel wings
I also made silver angel wings,

carved wood gold angel wings
Burnished gold angel wings

wood gold angel wings, carved
I love the gold color!

peacock feather wings
Then I made a fun pair of peacock feather inspired angel wings.
I originally planned on painting them in true peacock feather colors
but decided to go with a white peacock feather look and
add a little metallic gold to glam them up.

white peacock feather art wings

whitewashed gray angel wings
I also made a pair of "oyster shell" color angel wings

zinc angel wings
This color kind of remind me of aged zinc ...

Sold out
Close up of the oyster shell color or zinc look angel wings
Thank you for stopping by !

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Wood Angel Wings Wall Art, Large Carved Look Wooden Angel Wings

wood angel wings
Update December 2016
I'm no longer creating the angel wings and they are all sold.
Please visit my  new online shop featuring my mosaics 
and even mosaic angel wings. Thank you!

I've had it in my head for a while that I wanted to make a pair of angel wings 
and this is what I came up with.
I created my own design, cut them out of plywood and used texture
to create a carved feather look.

Note ~ This post was originally published July 2013
and has been revamped with updated photos in 2014.

wood angel wings wall art
They are large, almost 4ft tall.
I've been trying to get better with photographing my items
so I hung them in my home to take pics.
It definitely helps you get a better idea of size I think, although
it's not good for all the nail holes in the walls!

wood angel wing art
 I painted them in soft white and washed with brown to bring out the detail.

angel wings art in silver
I also made a pair of antiqued silver angel wings, 

large silver angel wings wall art
They are great anywhere in the home, over a bed, in a nursery,
family room or bed room.

gold wood angel wings
Of course I had to make a set of gold angel wings as well.

wood angel wings in gold metallic
Painted metallic gold and washed with brown really
brings out all the detail and texture.

angel wings wall art in gold
The metallic finish still shines through subtly after the brown wash.

angel wings wall art distressed white
sold out
I also offer these angel wings in a small size too in all the different colors.
Thanks for taking a look at my wood angel wings!

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Until next time...

Table Leg Dragonflies with Numbers, Letters, Stars, Beads, Words and More!

beaded dragonfly wings with house numbers
Update April 2016
I'm no longer creating the dragonflies and I'm completely sold out.
Thank you for all your past support and purchases!
Please visit my new online shop featuring my mosaic art.

I have lots of new dragonflies to show you and decided to 
group them all in this post.
For this one I used house numbers and letters woven into 
wire wings with glass beads

wire and beaded dragonfly wings with house numbers
I used the same method I shared in this post to create the wire wings and add the beads.

ceramic whimsical knob on table leg dragonfly
I added a ceramic "open" knob at the tail...

table leg spindle dragonfly with wire beaded wings
and aged keys for the eyes.

spindle dragonfly with wire wings and stars
I also made a couple with fun wire that has little 
rusted stars on it. 

rusty wire dragonfly wings with rusty stars
This wire is not the easiest thing to work with but the end result is really cute!

recycled rusty pieces on table leg dragonfly
I used pieces of the wire for the antenna too.

recycled brass faucet handle as a tail finial on dragonfly
This tail piece is an aged handle from a bathroom sink knob.

table leg dragonfly with wire wings and stars
Here's the other starry one I made...

painted ceramic knob on tail of dragonfly
It has a cute ceramic knob at the tail...

table leg dragonfly with recycled metal pieces for eyes
and miscellaneous metal pieces for the eyes and on the body.

welcome sign painted on dragonfly wings
For this one I combined a garden sign with the dragonfly...

recycled lamp harp as table leg dragonfly antenna
He has a lamp harp for antenna...

welcome to my garden wooden dragonfly wings hand painted
And hand painted garden sign wings...

table leg dragonfly with hand painted flowers on wings
With a flower and leaves on the other side.

custom signage on table leg dragonfly wings
This one was a custom order for the owner of a cabin rental called
Dragonfly Dreams.

This is the logo I worked from...

recycled aged keys at tail of table leg dragonfly
I figured aged keys at the tail was fitting for a cabin rental...

vintage escutcheon on table leg dragonfly
Along with a vintage escutcheon on the body.

hand painted words and lettering on table leg dragonfly wings
All the lettering is hand painted in a distressed finish.

beaded wired jeweled table leg dragonfly
And lastly, another wire wing with glass beads woven throughout.
You can see other beaded ones I've made by clicking the beaded category

spindle dragonfly with beaded antenna
I added little beads at the end of the antenna...

vintage glass knob at tail of spindle dragonfly
And a vintage glass knob at the tail.

beaded wired table leg dragonfly wing
sold out
Lots of glass beads, giving a nice lacy effect.
That's all for now, thanks so much for checking them out!

Visit my new online shop of mosaic art.
where I still have some items available.

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