Hand Painted Peacock Feather Wine Glasses Tutorial, DIY Painted Wine Glasses

hand painted peacock feather wine glasses diy
I recently painted a set of peacock feather wine glasses

I used to paint on glass a lot, making decorative glass bottles
drinking glasses or decorative painting on vintage windows
 and it's a lot of fun and easy to do.

dollar store wine glasses to use with glass paint
I found these great 20oz wine glasses at a local store.

Folk Art and Deco Art Glass paints
I have a bunch of different colors of glass paints on hand. 
They all require baking in the oven after curing to make them more durable.
I used both the Folk Art Enamels and the Deco Art Enamels
depending on the color I needed. 

You can combine different brands of bake-able paints, just
read the directions and if they have two different oven temps listed,
use the lower of the two and it should be fine.

painting peacock feathers on glass
A tip for painting on clear glass... your first coat is the one you are going to see
on the inside, so choose accordingly.
This shows the start of the feather and I used metallic gold for the first coat.

painting peacock feathers with glass paints
This shows the outside of that glass. 
After painting the metallic gold, I topped it with a yellowish tan coat and
then more metallic gold. This was so I could get the opaque look I needed
while having the pretty metallic gold showing on the inside.

painted peacock feather wine glass DIY Filbert Paint brush
I painted a turquoise round spot on top of that, followed by
 bright blue with a hint of dark purple.

When painting circles or rounded shapes, use a Filbert or Oval Wash Brush 
like the one in this photo, it makes it super simple to do.

hand painted peacock feather glass painting
I knew I wanted my design to sort of wrap around the glass, so
I started with the feather stem and swirled it around to the other side.

I love peacock feathers and use the design in lots of projects...

hand painted valentine ornament

hand painted peacock feather Christmas ornament

dragonfly with peacock feather design

butterfly with peacock feather design
I definitely love peacock feathers!

hand painted wine glass with peacock feather and liner brush
I started adding the rest of the feather using a long liner brush.
This type of  brush makes it easy to apply long strokes.

painting on glass peacock feather
The back...

It doesn't have to be perfect, no one will be examining every stroke...
if they are, serve them another glass of wine.

peacock feather painted on wine glass using glass paints
I kept adding different colors of green, one was a pearlescent green.

hand painted peacock feather on wine glass using glass paints
 For the final touch, I added metallic gold.

When adding layers using glass paint, you have to make sure what you 
are painting over is dry or it will lift the paint up...don't want that.

painted wine glass with peacock feather in greens and gold

painted peacock feather wine glass
And the inside. After curing for 24 hours, bake according to your 
paint directions for added durability.

hand painted peacock feather wine glasses Lucy Designs
Paint your own or visit my Etsy store, I usually have sets of four listed there. 

Update ~ I also have sets with a beautiful green stem...

hand painted peacock feather wine glasses Lucy Designs

hand painted peacock feather wine glass

peacock feather painted glasses
See the peacock feather glasses and more in my Etsy shop
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