August 7, 2013

Dremel Carved Zebra Pattern on 6 Foot Wood Leaner Mirror Frame, DIY Mirror Makeover Using Recycled Muntins

dremel carved brown and gold dremel carved mirror
Giant leaner mirror

large wood mirror frame
I bought a 5 1/2 foot mirror on Craigslist for $20...
Forgot to take the "before" pic with the mirror in it!

recyled wood french door muntins
My mom gave me these muntins from her french doors that
she wasn't going to use and I wanted to incorporate them somehow...

Ballard Designs Leaner Mirror
I saw this photo online from Ballard Designs Catalog
so I used it for inspiration in adding the muntins

making a wooden mirror frame larger
I bought and cut 1 x 4's to add another frame layer around the 
mirror's existing frame and attached using a nail gun.

using recycled muntins
I played around with the muntins and started cutting it into sections with a miter saw...

recycled muntins added to a mirror DIY
This is the pattern I ended up with. 
I attached the muntins to the wood frame with finishing nails

adding muntins to a leaner mirror
Gave it a base coat of dark brown

general finishes milk paint dark chocolate
I used my new General Finishes Milk Paint
I'm loving this paint, the coverage is incredible.
I used dark chocolate which is almost the same color as 
their Java gel stain that I used to makeover my 

drawing zebra pattern on wood mirror frame
After I had the base coat, I knew it was looking too plain for me,
so I decided to use the Dremel to carve zebra stripes.

I have a tutorial of sorts about carving on a nightstand with the dremel
if you would like to see more.

zebra pattern on wood mirror frame
I drew a quick pattern on with white chalk...

carving zebra pattern on wood with a dremel
and started carving the drawn design with the dremel. 
I used one of their basic spiral bits.

dremel carved zebra pattern on wood frame
This is after carving...
I love the look but it had too much contrast for me so 
I decided to tone it down with metallic gold paint.
You can see a little of the gold glaze in the upper left hand corner where
 I was playing around with how I wanted to apply the paint. 

zebra carved 6 ft leaner mirror frame using dremel
The "after"
It's going in my bedroom but I took it to the living room where I have a little more light
to take a few pics, but it is still a challenge to take photos of a mirror.
...I promise I do have other clothes besides my paint clothes.

recyled muntins from french doors on a mirror
I brushed the gold glaze over the entire brown base coat...

sherwin williams translucent gold glaze
I used this can of translucent gold glaze I found at Restore for $2, can't beat that!

gold glazing on dremel carved wood pattern
After the gold was dry I dry brushed a little more brown on top of that to 
bring out the texture.

metal look gold glaze on muntins in mirror
I dry brushed more gold on all the muntins too.

large leaner mirror frame with zebra pattern
It is 3 inches shy of 6 feet and it is heavy!...
which is why it's on those furniture sliders right now

zebra stripes carved on wood mirror frame
It has been in my bedroom a long time with just the plain wood frame so this
is a big improvement

dremel carved zebra mirror frame
I'm liking how it turned out!
See more of the whimsical hand painted dresser in the reflection.
Thanks for checking out my carved mirror!

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