August 1, 2013

Large 5FT Mixed Media Butterfly Art with Reclaimed Wood and Vintage Sign Look, Recycled Art Sculpture

reclaimed wood look butterfly art
Huge wooden butterfly...
actually, it was a butterfly makeover...
a metamorphosis!... pun intended ;)

wooden butterfly five feet wide recycled art
Do you remember this butterfly?

I made him, then wasn't happy about it and set it aside in the until 
I decided how I wanted to approach it. And then I got busy and it sat in the garage... 
for a loooong time.
Ok, it's been a year.

 reclaimed painted wood butterfly wing
I finally had a little extra time to play with it and decided to change it up! 
When I took it apart to repaint the wings, I decided I would like a different body and
took the whole thing apart, removed the fence post caps on the wings and started over.

Kind of like when you decide to paint a room in your house
and next thing you know you are remodeling the whole room!

faux reclaimed wood slat art with layered paint
I painted each wood shim with a layered paint look in different colors
trying to give it that "reclaimed wood" look. 

I had to patch the holes where the fence caps were, and I wasn't real neat about it.
I wanted the extra texture it would add and even applied more spackle in random spots
 on the wings to make it rough and uneven for the layered paint finish to latch on to.

After I painted, I washed with brown and wiped off the excess so 
it would seep in all those crevices and tone it down.

butterfly art
I ended up combining two wooden lamps and a wooden candlestick 
that I had cut in half for the body, all glued and screwed together. 

recycled brass used in mixed media butterfly art
At the tail is a piece of a brass pipe fitting that I aged with 
vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt. It gave it a great verdigris look.

painted vintage wooden sign look
On the top wings I free handed lettering, wanting it to look like 
a vintage wooden sign that had been cut apart. 

hand painted wooden sign beach sign letters
Lots of layers and distressing.

aged metal numbers mixed media art
I added metal numbers to the body that I had aged in the same vinegar solution

verdigris copper pipe pieces used as antenna on butterfly art
Verdigris copper pipe for the antenna... 
actually from my aunt's bathroom sink fittings when they were replaced.
She thought I was nuts when I asked her to save all of it for me.

aged metal plumbing strap
On the sides I added "aged" metal strapping around all the edges.

perforated metal plumbing strap

I took a whole roll of this plumbing strap and put it in the same solution as the
metal numbers and brass pieces to age it. 

giant recycled wooden butterfly art with reclaimed wood and sign

giant wooden recycled butterfly art reclaimed vintage look
This piece was finally listed in my Etsy shop and sold.
I appreciate you stopping by to check out the butterfly makeover!

Update May 2017
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Thank you!

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