Hand Painted Sea Life Christmas Stockings New Designs for 2013, Sand Dollar, Flip Flops, Scallop Shell, Coral, Ships Wheel and Octopus

nautical, sea life christmas stockings
New Christmas Stocking Designs

hand painted sea life christmas stockings
Last year, I added new ocean life designs including a shark, 
jellyfish, crab and seahorse

This year I added six more designs, staying with
 the sea life theme and using the same colors and dot style painting.

hand painted sand dollar Christmas stocking
I have a sand dollar stocking...

flip flop christmas stocking

flip flop christmas stocking
I came up with a whole list of other sea life or beachy designs I wanted to do
 but I picked six and figured that would be enough for this year.

scallop shell stocking

scallop shell stocking
I was never able to find any more pre-made natural canvas stockings after those first few
I found on Ebay so I hire someone to make them for me to my own specifications.

sea coral christmas stocking
 A pretty Sea Coral Stocking...

nautical beach Christmas stocking ships wheel

Octopus tentacles Christmas Stocking
...and lastly, an octopus. In this case it's just the tentacles.

I love this design but wasn't sure if it was coming off as tentacles or just 
a wavy design. I called on my Facebook peeps to cast a vote for 
just the tentacles version or...

octopus christmas stocking
...the whole octopus body version. 
The body won out by a long shot over just the tentacle design,
so... body it is.
The octopus may be my favorite!

mosaic octopus
Speaking of octopus, I've been on an octopus kick lately, and 
after creating the octopus stocking, I decided I wanted to make a mosaic octopus,
and yes I just used the word octopus five times in this sentence.

He's in progress and he's big...of course... about 4 feet wide.
I'll share more pics when he is all done.

Thanks for checking out all the new designs!
See all of them in my Etsy store.

hand painted coastal Christmas stockings
Update for 2014, Lots of new styles of the Coastal 
Hand Painted Christmas Stockings are available in my Etsy shop

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