September 15, 2013

Spindle Table Leg Dragonflies with Raised Fleur De Lis and Medallion Patterns, Textured Peacock Feather Wings and Sea Shell Wings

table leg dragonfly with fleur de lis wings repurposed recycled art
Update Spring 2017
I'm no longer creating the dragonflies and butterflies.
Thank you for all your purchases and support!

It's actually been a few months since I had a dragonfly post
and I have lots of new ones to share. All of these
are made using raised patterns.

fleur de lis wings table leg dragonfly aged look
For the fleur de lis dragonfly I used the same process
as the textured medallion dragonflies I've made in the past
to create the pattern and I really like how it turned out.

table leg dragonfly garden art recycled repurposed
I used a door latch for the eyes... 

vintage tin tile body of dragonfly wall art
and added a piece of vintage tin on the triangle shaped body.

This dragonfly was actually shipped to Norway!

table leg dragonfly with peacock feather design
This was a custom order for a textured peacock feather design.

table leg spindle body of dragonfly wall art
I combined two different spindles and a finial for the body

raised textured peacock feather design on table leg dragonfly wing
I love working with the textured designs.

table leg dragonfly with yellow gold raised medallion wings
I made another textured design, this time using a 
medallion type stencil

table leg dragonfly body
Metal handle on the body...

raised medallion dragonfly wing design
This one sold pretty quick and I had a request for one just like it...

table leg dragonfly with aged medallion design wings in yellow
This was the second one.

verdigris table leg dragonfly
This design had another medallion type pattern...

dragonfly wall art verdigris copper wing
I painted in a verdigris look with copper on the medallions.

sea shell wing table leg dragonfly
For the sea shell dragonfly, I used the texture
compound to embed mixed seashells.

shell wing table leg dragonfly
I had made a shell wing dragonfly once before using scallop shells.

shell wing table leg dragonfly

 shell wing table leg dragonfly with shell eyes
I drilled holes in shells to use for the eyes too.
Thanks for checking out my textured dragonflies!

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I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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