Large 4 ft Stained Glass Mosaic Octopus Wall Art

large blue green mosaic octopus
My latest mosaic piece... a big, giant octopus.
He's actually a little over 4 feet wide but very lightweight.
He got in my head and I just had to make him.

hand painted octopus christmas stocking
I got on a octopus kick after I added this octopus Christmas stocking
to my other sea life stockings.

acrylic octopus painting on repurposed canvas painting
I've painted octopuses before

acrylic octopus painting
I paired him with a coordinating sea coral painting.

painted glass bottle with octopus
they fascinate me.

large wood cut out of octopus
I drew my design and cut out of plywood.

mosaic octopus in progress
I worked on him off and on over a few weeks while working
on other orders.

mother of pearl flat circle beads for mosaic
 I was stumped on what to use for the suckers or suction
cups then spotted these mother of pearl round beads
at the craft store and knew they would be great.

mother of pearl beads for mosaic octopus suction cups
I love how they look.

mosaic octopus tentacles and suckers
Here's how they look after they were grouted.
I bought two different sizes of them and cut some of them in half 

large 4 foot mosaic octopus
I used a beautiful blue/green stained glass with a darker
blue for accent on the arms and dark gray grout.

mosaic octopus legs
All those arms and edges were definitely a challenge to mosaic and grout!

mosaic octopus head and eyes

mosaic octopus
I do love how he turned out. He's in my Etsy Shop if you want
to know more info about him.

Thanks for checking out all my octopus pics.
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DIY Whimsical Hand Painted Large Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments with Black and White Checks, Peacock Feathers, Dots, Stripes and More

diy hand painted designer finial ornaments
Here are some of my very large 12"-16" Christmas ornaments I just painted.
I actually made them by combining different ornaments together.
I love how they turned out!

hand painted checked, animal print ornaments
You may remember these giant ornaments I made a few years ago.
I kept wanting to make more but couldn't find more of this large 
finial style to paint.

paper mache ornaments
I came upon different shapes of paper mache ornaments at Hobby Lobby and 
had an idea to create my own oversized ornaments, 
so I bought all my local store had. 

I had to snag these pics off the internet, I got all into creating them and 
forgot to take my own "before" pics. 
I can't find them anywhere on the Hobby Lobby site.

diy finial style Christmas ornaments peacock feather
This peacock ornament became 12" long including the hanger
after it was all put together.

I didn't take "during" pics but basically, I cut the tops or bottoms off
the ornaments, reglued together, used spackle to cover where
I combined them, primed and painted.

When I was cutting them, the paper mache covering started peeling off
and I saw they were actually plastic underneath...weird huh?

I ended up removing all of the paper mache covering, it peeled right off, 
and painted on the plastic bases, which worked out better anyway.

I was able to create all kinds of large, one of a kind, finial style ornaments by combining 
them in different ways, I had so much fun making all of them!

foam shapes
I also found these smooth foam ornaments that I cut apart
and used parts of them to embellish the ornaments too.

checks, animal print, dots, leopard, large ornaments Christmas
Here they are in painting process. 
I found the huge ones in the foreground at Hobby Lobby also, 
they are completely paper mache, no plastic.

As labeled in the pic above, I cut the tops and bottoms off of these and added 
pieces of the foam finials to the tops and bottoms and they turned out great.

Ready? I have LOTS of pics...

diy hand painted large paper mache Christmas ornament
So, of course, animal print is gonna be a given for me.
You can see the finial pieces at the bottom and top here.

striped ornament diy hand painted
After painting, I sprayed all of them with a super high gloss clear finish.

diy hand painted large paper mache Christmas ornament
And, I've got to have the black and white check look... popular with that
famous designer brand that I love

large 16" hand painted designer ornament
Nope, my lines aren't perfect, but it all comes together,
plus, it just shows it was hand painted ;)

diy hand made large peacock feather ornament
This is the back of the peacock ornament, I added a little brass bead at the bottom.
The feather is painted kind of like my peacock wine glasses, where the 
design wraps around to the back.

large finial diy ornament
This beauty is a whopping 16" long including hanger.
For the most part, I used the little gold rope hangers that came already
attached to the ornaments.

large hand painted finial ornament whimsical animal print
Lots and lots of painting!

designer finial hand painted Christmas ornament striped, leopard
Another 16" one. I was really happy how the glossy finish turned out,
they almost look like ceramic or glass.

animal print leopard Christmas ornament finial shape
Sometimes, I have to say "that's enough", because
I could keep going and going adding more painted details.

large finial ornament shape black and white checks
This one may have been my favorite

large finial painted ornament
I added this cool striped ribbon to cover where I had combined the 
two ornaments.

huge paper mache animal print ornament
More animal print, stripes and dots...

large animal print dotted handmade ornament
Another 16" version, 

large whimsical painted ornament
I added a ribbon tie to this one too.

paper mache ornament
That same day at Hobby Lobby, I also found these flat
paper mache ornaments in different shapes. I bought 
all 8 that they had.

leopard print, studded paper mache Christmas ornaments
I painted a different design on each side so it's really like 
two ornaments in one.

paper mache painted ornament
They are about 1/2" thick and all the sides are painted as well.
On these I added different colored glass beads to the hangers at the top.

studded diamond shape Christmas ornament
On a couple of these I used painted thumbtacks that resemble little studs.
I show my painting process for the tacks on my studded pumpkins. I've used them on 
I love the studded look.

hand painted peacock feather ornament
Peacock feather...

large black and white checked Christmas ornament

painted paper mache Christmas ornament
And all kinds of fun combos.

hand painted paper mache  ornaments
I offered these in my Etsy store in a set of 4 and a set of 3 
and they have sold.

black and white checked ornament set
Last ones... I promise!
These were plain wooden ornaments and I painted with animal print
and black and white checks

black and white checks ornament mitten shape leopard cuff
A mitten shape...

checked and animal print ornament
And stocking shape. They are about 1/2" thick and about 8" long with the hanger.

black and white checked stocking ornament
I added more of the striped ribbon for hangers.
I only have two of these painted wooden ornaments

hand painted paper mache large ornaments
Thank you so much for checking out all these pics!
I only have 4 ornaments left in my Etsy store, the rest have gone on
to their new homes!

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