Large 4 ft Stained Glass Mosaic Octopus Wall Art

large blue green mosaic octopus
My latest mosaic piece... a big, giant octopus.
He's actually a little over 4 feet wide but very lightweight.
He got in my head and I just had to make him.

hand painted octopus christmas stocking
I got on a octopus kick after I added this octopus Christmas stocking
to my other sea life stockings.

acrylic octopus painting on repurposed canvas painting
I've painted octopuses before

acrylic octopus painting
I paired him with a coordinating sea coral painting.

painted glass bottle with octopus
they fascinate me.

large wood cut out of octopus
I drew my design and cut out of plywood.

mosaic octopus in progress
I worked on him off and on over a few weeks while working
on other orders.

mother of pearl flat circle beads for mosaic
 I was stumped on what to use for the suckers or suction
cups then spotted these mother of pearl round beads
at the craft store and knew they would be great.

mother of pearl beads for mosaic octopus suction cups
I love how they look.

mosaic octopus tentacles and suckers
Here's how they look after they were grouted.
I bought two different sizes of them and cut some of them in half 

large 4 foot mosaic octopus
I used a beautiful blue/green stained glass with a darker
blue for accent on the arms and dark gray grout.

mosaic octopus legs
All those arms and edges were definitely a challenge to mosaic and grout!

mosaic octopus head and eyes

mosaic octopus
I do love how he turned out. He's in my Etsy Shop if you want
to know more info about him.

Thanks for checking out all my octopus pics.
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  1. Hi Lucy!!! I love all your mosaics. Can I ask if you cut all your wood yourself? Is it possible to but substrates from you?

  2. Elizabeth, yes, I cut them myself, on this one I used a Rotozip saw, you can use a jigsaw but the rotozip just makes it easier. Email me at Lucy@LucyDesignsOnline if you more questions. thank you!


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